I do not agree with the thought “that government is best which governs least.” I do believe that the government should keep their nose out of some affairs, but I also think that they choose to turn their heads to important conversations they should be having. Most of the time what people are marching about is something they are very passionate about and the government shouldn’t ignore these things. A great example of this would be the #metoo movement. There were a lot of claims against Donald Trump and instead of anything happening from the marches except more people speaking up, the government and his supporters all turned their heads and ignored what was happening.

A democracy commands my respect. The fact that if we have a problem we can speak up and it will changed is very respectable. I mean it doesn’t always work and the electoral college is a little messed up, a democracy is very respectable. With authoritative governments comes the problem of not being able to speak up as easily. If you don’t agree with something you could be imprisoned, fined, or even killed. There is no room for freedom in those types of governments. In America, you can disagree and say as much crazy, hateful nonsense as you want and it will just be you expressing your freedom of expression. I don’t think this is all necessarily a good thing, but it is very important that we are able to express our thoughts and opinions freely.

The role of civil disobedience today is very important because if you don’t give the government their money, they are going to realize. Many times the marches take place but they happen so often that they just tend to ignore it. It could become a little pricey if you choose not to pay and you could be charged more fines on top of what you already owe, but if you are passionate enough to refuse to pay then you are most likely very passionate in what you are fighting for. I personally wouldn’t use civil disobedience as a tactic but I don’t necessarily disapprove if it.

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