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Thoreau and Emerson can easily both agree that nature is an important part of living your best life. Thoreau describes living a natural life as important aspect of life so that when you die, you feel you completely used all of your time and have no regrets. Emerson claims that nature and man should share a harmonious relationship with each other that will ultimately be dictated by man. Both authors express the health benefits of nature as well. “Nature” focuses a lot of the mental and emotional stand point. Emerson states that nature will always be there for you no matter what is going on in your life and is always going to stay constant but it is up to your perception on what it actually looks like. Another important aspect in all three excerpts would be the importance of God. In transendentalism, nature is directly related to God. The importance of God and the “divine being” was expressed more often in Emerson’s writing but was also unavoidable in Thoreau’s. Along with the connection between God and nature, there was also a lot of mention that everything happens for a reason. Emerson claims that the divine being chose what you go through and the experiences you face are what you need to go through to get the finish line. Thoreau then mentions that you shouldn’t judge you life so harshly but instead live with your mistakes and learn from them constantly.

The benefits of leaving modern society behind would be that you could greatly save money. The cost to buy the land at first and get some crops up and running would be a little pricey, but you could save a lot of money on groceries, TV, wifi, and phone bills. I’m not sure I could survive without a toilet though so I feel like an outhouse is definitely where I draw the line, but besides all of that grossness I wouldn’t miss technology too much. The only reason a majority of us have technology is so that we don’t miss anything because technology has become so custom.

If there is anything a modern reader should take from transendentalism it is that you are always a part of something greater than yourself. Whether you are religious or not, you still need to realize that you are connected to nature and maintaining that connection and growing it is very important. If you ever feel down on yourself and don’t feel like you belong. Go talk a walk outside and press the reset button. Also it is all about what you own or how much money you have. It’s about the kind of person you are and the amount of good connections you have.

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