I’ve been done dirty

I was so ready to beat Zoe. We were going to throw down because we finally got something we are both passionate about. Although I didn’t exactly agree with the side of the argument I was on, I found a lot of research from NICU doctors and surgeons and studies that I was passionate about that made it easier to back it up.

Now that we have judged a lot of Thirty Seconds entries it has made me more aware when we sit down for our big family dinners. It is now really hard to sit down and not think “yup that’s name-calling” and “oh nice attempt at a red-herring, uncle joe!” Even when my niece and nephew it is quite nice to sit in between them and ask them what their facts are to back up the claims that In n Out is better than Chipotle. Usually when my peers construct arguments they’re just doing it to make people angry. By the time someone has a fact against them, they have already given up because they “just can’t.” I don’t think I have ever fought with anyone that by the end of it, I was amazed by the amount of facts they threw in my face.¬†Whenever I fight with my parents, I usually bring forth the best facts. They usually just bring out the big guns of “because I said so.” I really don’t appreciate when I argue with my parents. I try my best to prove my point and yet it doesn’t change their mind at all.

Usually persuasive speech isn’t too hard for me. I always bring a lot of facts to the table. I believe the most important part of a debate is to accept that you are not always going to be right and you are not always going to win. With valid points and facts, it isn’t hard to tie everything together. As long as you don’t include your opinion at all and have ways to back everything up, persuasive speeches shouldn’t be the worst assignment ever. Overall I think this was a good and necessary lesson.

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