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I have received abortion from the “abortion should be illegal” stand point and I am not excited AT ALL. I do not really have a strong opinion for or against abortion because there are so many circumstances that can get in the way of just making a quick decision. I know that certain states don’t allow you to get an abortion at all and certain states have restrictions on the age of the fetus at the time of abortion. For Pennsylvania, the time you are no longer allowed to receive an abortion is after 24 weeks. Without googling I know that abortion can be free for some people if you go to the right places, but can cost a lot if not. I don’t feel that you should be able to kill a child that is already able to do normal functions like breathe, see, touch, and hear. With this view also comes the fact that I can’t judge anyone else’s life decisions. The problem with making abortions illegal is that people are always going to find a way to get it done even if it is illegal via the black market and the internet providing nonsense ideas. The main problem comes when you consider what happens when rape victims are impregnated. Are they going to be forced to keep that pregnancy and the constant reminder of the pain they were put through? I think it would be pretty fair if you could abort the pregnancy based on a court ruling. If there is enough evidence that the rapist is in fact guilty of raping the victim and the victim becomes pregnant, then it should be legal for that victim. Of course with this solution also comes the problem of the fact that hearings take weeks if not months and what is saying that the court ruling is going to come in time to terminate the pregnancy.

A quick google of abortion would bring up a lot of religious views and there are a lot of opinions on what to do. There are either extreme pro-choice supporters or extreme pro-life supporters. Basically, abortion is complicated and touchy and I’m not very excited.

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