a not so hidden rant

A topic that would be good for debating would be whether or not parents/administration could report books and challenge them to be restricted. The good side to reporting books would be that parents and administration can control what their children are reading and what information they have access to. The bad side would be that most books are reported due to racial themes being present. but children need to understand what our world used to be like and that we shouldn’t ignore history or it’s going to repeat itself. I believe that parents shouldn’t be able to restrict books because if the book is in the school library it has clearly passed the screenings required.

So far this school year I’ve been extremely stressed. Play doesn’t start until today but I’m already sleep deprived. AP bio is kicking my butt and since I have AP bio right after Anatomy & Physiology, I’m always studying during A&P instead of paying attention. So although my AP grade went up, my A&P grade did not. I’M STUCK. So far my grades are really good even though it doesn’t feel like they are. I’m trying to keep my head up but that harder than imaginable. Good news though… I have a good job and I make some good money. I mean minimum wage, but still a pretty easy job. Christmas break gave me around $100 just in tips. Which is very good because yesterday I shattered my phone for the first time in my life. It was heartbreaking and terrifying and I wanted to cry. I mean not only did half the screen stop working, but the home button fell out too. I also dropped a 25 pound dumb bell on my thumb. Yea it’s not pretty. Pretty great 2019 so far. (EXTREME sarcasm). The rest of this school year I’m just going to try and keep my head up. All I can do is continue to study and find my zen when it comes to taking my tests.


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