No, you’re a Dodo

My first impression of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was simply one word and a bunch of angry questions. Why? I thought we were done with poetry. I was over it. My brain was already fried. We checked that off the required list. We were good. And then suddenly we weren’t good. At all.

The poem really wasn’t as confusing as before, but I do believe it is because of all the other poems we read leading up to it. If that was the first poem we were given, we would have lost our minds. I think realizing all the metaphors was pretty easy because most of them came from your own views of the work. You could examine every stanza in that poem and easily make it mean something more than the author probably wanted to. It might eventually get a little stretched out, but it would have either way been easy to back up. Without the help of the footnotes, it would have been a lot worse. Thankfully I didn’t really look back at those much. Once you read what the reference was once you pretty much understood and didn’t really have to think too much about it.

The sound and sense questions did not really get easier, but I also think that is just my brain not letting me be good at poetry analysis. I do think I got better at thinking in the way you really need to in order to analyze it correctly and I think that is all because of the poetry we had to write. In regards to figuring out the theme, it has gotten a little bit easier. Instead of just reading the poem I automatically just jump right into “hmmm this definitely has a dark and deep twist somewhere.” I really don’t know if I learned that poetry is always a metaphor or if I really just learned how much I dislike poetry. Yet another question to never be answered.

I think writing poetry has been very beneficial to how I view poetry. Not just from the #thestruggleisreal way but also in the #deep way. Without writing poetry, I wouldn’t understand how an author must think and how carefully words and references are chosen. I hit the word limit. #imdone #thispichaswatermark #idontreallycare

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