Part 1: Writing these poems has shredded my brain. I never knew how much work it took into writing poems. I always thought my elementary poems sounded pretty dang good and now examining them with all the rules… well they’re just a sentimental piece of garbage. Also with knowing all the trouble we had to go through to make our poems and how miserable I was, I feel for those poor people who make livings out of this. Maybe that is why most of them are so dark and depressing, because their life is spent over examining everything. Just go with the flow of words my dudes!

My second poem was a lot less enthusiastic than the first. For the first poem, I tried the “go big or go home” approach. It was stressful to say the least. I thought everyone was trying just as hard as I was but then I read their poems and realized it was the complete opposite. People were writing about mashed potatoes and Mountain Dew while I was over here writing about my absent-minded grandfather. I had no clue where to go with it or what to write about. So therefore I started it the night it was due at 11 pm and made it about writers block. I had many ideas about it from my dog, to Christmas, and even school stress, but none of those ended up going anywhere. I couldn’t find any more words than a first stanza for each idea. Needless to say they didn’t work out. So that’s where the grand idea came from. Because it was about writers block, it didn’t come very easy. I tried to describe how I was feeling which came pretty easy, but then rhyming came. I had to figure out the correct words to use but then it came down to how tired I was. I tried to match the word dumb with come. Don’t ask me why but lets just say I was pretty convinced and then realized how stupid I was being.

Part 2: I think adding visual affects to the poetry helps readers understand it a lot. Like when we watched the video on Bells by Edgar Allen Poe with the Simpsons, I understood it a lot more. Sometimes the words in poetry can be very very confusing just to keep the rhythm and rhyme pattern, but pictures help you to understand what is going on more often. I believe I could add some visual to my poem like someone lying in bed frustrated and feeling worn down with lots of dead thoughts floating around. I would need to think a lot about how to make this look good, but it is possible


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