I still do not know what is going on. I mean I understand the endings and everything like that, but I am still not understanding how to find what words are stressed and unstressed. Like the symbols kinda make sense but I still do not know which ones to use. I am assuming one day it will just hit me or eventually I will just need McGarry to demonstrate until eventually it gets into my concrete head. This could either of two ways: a light bulb going off or me pretending to understand and then going home and crying about how dumb I am. I loved the poems we have read so far because I love Edgar Allen Poe. There is always a deeper meaning than what is being stated and it is often really dark. Evaluating Eldorado was pretty easy for me. I didn’t make all the connections before we talked about it in class, but then all the dots connected and the extremely deep meaning was revealed.

My poem is going to be about Alzheimer’s and dementia. I know it’s really depressing, but it is something close to my heart that I know pretty well and I will have the dedication to finish. Everyone else is probably writing some pretty good funny ones, but I wanted to do something with more meaning that I would be hard on myself to finish. My grandfather (pappy) was my best friend and has been suffering from a mix of Alzheimer’s and dementia for about 5 years now so it has affected my life a considerable amount. Some days it hurts a lot because he really does not know how to do the simplest things like brushing his hair and dressing himself (which can be pretty funny let me tell you. He often comes out with his shirt on backwards, pants inside-out, buttons all messed up… the whole package.) Although most days are awful, sometimes he is completely “lucid” and can ask you about everything going on in your life from your current love interest, to what your learning in school, how much you’re working in a week, even asking how the band sounds. He might not always be in the right year, but he always tries. I want this poem to not only be really good, I want it to be something my family can hold on to once he is gone to remember him and remember how everything used to be and that no matter what, he is still our Pappy and he is trying his best.


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