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First off, why? I just wanted to enjoy fair but there I was trying to figure out when my homework was due and having absolutely no time to do it. ROUGH. You know what else is rough? My short story. The ideas are all there in my head, but actually coming out of my brain and making sense, harder than I imagined. When I first thought of what I wanted to write about I knew it was going to involve a love story at some point in time. My originally plan was to just make the sappiest love story I could out of my personal experience. The only problem with this idea is I have absolutely no romantic activity in my life (unless you considered my love and affection for strawberries a romantic connection.) Another problem was that James was doing a romantic story of some sort and since we sit next to each other, that would seem very unoriginal. Since that idea didn’t work, I decided to go towards something else I enjoy quite a bit. Babies. It was a no brainer after that. Set up a story in the future, ledd research to do because it didn’t happen yet. Less things in your story that are false, because you don’t know whats going to happen. I mean look at back to the future. We still don’t have flying cars roaming the streets, but they didn’t expect cellphones and TV to be as crazy.

After deciding what I wanted my story to be about, it was easier to start at the basics and build it all up. The questions we had to answer about our characters really helped a lot. It helped with the advancement of the characters because I’m so indecisivethat it helps to have a set guideline of how the characters feel on certain subjects. I also enjoyed having the small group conversations a lot. I have a lot of moments throughout the day where parts of peoples conversations distract me from what I’m thinking (“squirrel!’ moments) and it was nice that those moments were actually helping my story grow.

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I knew this was a long story, but not this long yeesh. This book caught my attention at first because of the fact that it included war scenes in  it. I’ve always enjoyed the classic american hero stories and figured this was right up my alley. With this in mind, I’ve already read over a third in to the book and the war was foreshadowed only a little bit. This only happened because the main character (Louis Zamperini) competed in the Olympics in Russia during the time Hitler was in power. It is quite easy to tell it’s going to be a war book eventually based on how into detail they go about Russia and Japan and how they’re war super powers. So far I am enjoying this book and the only complaint I would have is that it seems he went from being a scrawny kid to a track rock star in no time. I guess that is what happens when your editor needs to save some space for the dramatic stuff.

One of the characters I can definitely relate to is the main characters brother, Pete. Although he was also a track star, he recognized that his brother was faster and instead focused on how to make him better. Without his brother, Louis would not become as good of a runner as he was. Pete was also very wise and clever with how he inspired Louis on the day of his races and I know that when I become a crazy soccer mom this is most likely what is going to happen to my poor children. This far in the book I can’t really relate to anything due to not being a crazy good runner, I’ve never been on a cruise, or seen Hitler in action. But what I can relate to, is the awful feeling of the studs in your cleats after a long game (or in his case, meet).

I honestly have no clue if he’s going to survive the war (thanks to the preface being a cliffhanger) but I do know that he has way too much determination to just let it go. I’m really excited to keep reading this bo0k.

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The Devil and Tommy Boy

Ya know what guys. Although I dreaded needing to read another story for yet another class, I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit. It was a lot different than the stories I normally read with all its fancy words like “usurer”, “morass”, and “termagant.” It was also a lot different because of how much we interacted with it. As much as I say I interact with text by myself, definitely not this much. I would have never picked up on some of the things like the characteristics of the trees, all the foreshadowing, the body parts representing more than just a dead body, and I most definitely would have never figured out how to use the “define” tool on google docs. The best part of the story for me was how dark and twisty it was. I mean loosing someone in the woods and finding their article of clothing with just the heart and liver left. That’s crazy amazing and terrifying. The main character, Tom Walker, was definitely a smart guy. (Except for the whole cutting through the dark, scary woods thing.) Although he eventually did make a deal with the devil, he refused the offer to be a slave driver and instead chose the usurer life instead. This point helps us look into the authors life and see what secret agendas he had. The piece was written by a man living in a man’s world where women barely had a role in their own lives and slaves were an extremely common thing. This crazy story featured a wife who most definitely wore the pants in the relationship and had her husband fearing not only the real devil, but the female version as well. He broke the common barrier of how a women should act and how a wife should be towards her husband. There is no way to avoid knowing theses characteristics unless you straight up didn’t read this story. Tom refusing the offer of being a slave driver speaks a lot for the authors side of the story as well. Like I said 1727 was prime slave times considering slavery wasn’t illegal until 1865, and he chose to have the main character refuse to be a slave driver because it was was way too bad. To make this book more relatable to modern audiences, I would change the word choice. This society is based on reading the easiest books and the fastest books. Image result for the devil


Honestly, notes aren’t that bad. It takes a lot of self control to not go Hoco dress shopping, but overall could be worse. I understood a lot about short stories and how much work goes into writing them before we started going over the notes, but I did learn some new things like what Milieu means. I never knew that there was a term for that sort of background information and now that I do, I feel like a smarty pants. When I think of Milieu I think of the Giver. There are a lot of parts of that book that are totally against the norm and all rules of humanity. One example of this would be when they kill the babies for no reason other than the fact that they weigh less than their twin. The time period it took place in was the future and the society’s goal was to be perfect. This society had no knowledge of any history or even murder. The only people who knew this were the Receivers. Without realizing that this book took place in that time period and Utopian society, you might be very confused or even think its about the past (that’s terrifying). I also believe the difference between reading a book and being involved in it is whether or not you have an emotional connection to the main character. Usually before I dedicate time to reading a book I try to read through part of it and see if I’m intrigued by any of the characters. If it is a no, I put it back. If I decide to read it, woohoo here we go on another emotional journey.

The second week wasn’t extremely awful, but the homework is still a lot to get used to. I spent over an hour watching pill bugs in AP Bio and it was definitely the highlight of my week. If majoring in Biology in college means wasting lecture time observing random organisms, I am absolutely ready. We’ve got a lot of games and scrimmages this week so let’s hope the schedule conflicts aren’t too bad. And if they are, well send some prayers.

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