I’m Done Already

So you know how the first week of school is usually all about getting to know your teachers and reading over the first couple lessons of your textbooks just to get a feel for the material? Yea well, that’s not Junior Year. I’ve already stayed up past 11:30, struggling to keep my eyes open, just to finally finish my homework on more than one occasion. We’ve been in school for only four days. Personally I think nothing is worse than sitting in your own filth after practice and typing away until your eyes burn as bad as your hungry stomach. The student-athlete-musician life is very underappreciated. I’ve already heard the words “just do it on the bus” more times than I can count. Do teachers not realize we need that time for a nap because we were up so late finishing your homework before? Oh boy and then we have band. Thanks to the flooding, we no longer have a field to practice on and all we have is the black top. We did pretty good at the Southern game for never stepping on the field before, but not good enough. Central has extended an olive branch and offered for us to use one of their football practice fields until ours is ready, but we all know how much war could come from that action. I don’t think Mr. Marmo realizes how bad the rivalry is just yet. There are a lot of changes going on this year with band between what competitions we’ll be attending and what our new fight song will be. My main concern is that too many changes will take place at the same time and we’ll lose the enthusiasm from the band. Although all I’m doing is complaining, I am very excited to be back in school. I absolutely love learning even if it’s just learning about K’s family and why he chose a new Subaru car instead of his old truck.  I think I’m going to do pretty good this year as far as grades go as long as I stay on my A game and remember to do my assignments on time . I don’t believe I’m going to do too well as soccer this season just because of how recent my last ACL surgery was, but it’s still worth a shot and I would be too bored without it. Let’s hope things calm down eventually and if they don’t, well… wish me luck.Image result for stress