Blog 10

Yikes… My first impression of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was absolutely horrible lol. I honestly don’t even think I read it at all until we had to do the theme essay thing. I basically find everything about that poem confusing. like I do not understand it at all, but like that’s okay because I know what the theme is so I’m fine I guess. Like this poem, you could probably find relatable so I can imagine a lot of people in our class did. I honestly have no questions about it. I didn’t really understand it, and like maybe that would make you want to ask questions but that was definitely not me ( no questions here!!!).  The sounds and sense questions were definitely harder (probably because 1. I didn’t know the theme back then and 2. I didn’t really read it that much, maybe a nice skim over it). Honestly reading Eldorado was kinda easier than reading The Dodo’s Conundrum. Writing poetry for me hasn’t changed. It still sucks lol. But my reading and analyzing skills aren’t very sharp either. Asking a friend to explain the poem to me is probably the best bet I have at this point lol. But basically, overall nothing about poetry has processed through my mind. I’ll try harder next time.

Blog 9

My perception of poetry has not changed. I still hate it. It’s so so annoying. Writing poems was absolutely horrible. I never want to do it ever again. Like I’m not the person that can write just anything in general (because everything I write sucks). Poetry just still doesn’t make sense to me, like how do people write about death or feelings in poetry form, like I just can’t.  I think poetry is still dumb, like whoever can write poetry good for you, but I definitely can’t so it’s a no from me. Update^ (12/5/18) Wyatt explained to me how to find the theme and I understood a poem for like the first time ever!!!! (go me) It was nice to be able to do the homework for once lol. Adding pictures and visuals to poetry could probably help more people understand it (lol pointing all fingers at me). It could alter how some people see each detail because when there’s no visual then everyone’s minds are interpreting things differently. It could make everyone see a poem more similarly or even help anyone who doesn’t understand it that well. They could help show emotion in the writer’s words or even the mood.

Blog 8

This blog is about poetry, something I hate with a passion. I’ve never found poetry interesting at all, it doesn’t make sense to me and it’s very confusing. It kind of reminds me of a puzzle, you skim over it and try to figure what things mean. Most poems seem like they’re about love, dark, or death (but that’s whatever I guess). I just honestly don’t like poems so I’m going to struggle through this. I decided for my poem I would write about how much I don’t like school. Yeah, I do most of the things to myself such as, get bad grades and procrastinate, but hey I’ve been trying to fix that and I’m putting some effort into my work and things ( yes this blog is late… and yes I did procrastinate while doing it, but hey I did it so… Go me?). Some of the things I bring up in it is procrastination, my bad grades, drama, geometry, and wishing it was 2020 so I could graduate and get out of here. I’ve never really had the mood that “oh I want to get out of high school now” or ” I hate school”  as an innocent freshman and sophomore I always thought how I didn’t want any of this to end, how much I love the sports I do, how amazing band is, etc. But you know, I came to my senses and realized that I don’t want to be here anymore (that’ll obviously change when I become a senior). But I realized, I need to get my stuff together because this year is the most important year of my life, I just can’t let my last two years go to waste. I want to go to a good college, so I’m going to get it together. And now I’ll end my rant about school.  The Eldorado poem analysis was a big ehhh for me. As you know I am not a poem person, I obviously didn’t understand it ( I asked my table mates to explain what it was about and what it meant (they were no help)). 

Independent Reading Selection #1

My reaction to The Lovely Bones is that I think this is a very good book, it’s mysterious, thrilling, sad, and so much more. I really like that it’s set in like a high school setting because I enjoy reading books that I share a common age with the characters, and that it had flashbacks throughout the book as well (of how her life was before her death in high school).  I thought it was a mysterious book because of Mr. Harvey, he dug up a den under the cornfield and waited for Susie to walk her usual route home from school so he could tell her a that he made this for all the neighborhood kids to get her to go down there. It was thrilling because when she got down there she said she had to leave because her mother had dinner ready for her, so she started climbing up the ladder to leave and he quickly grabbed her  and he raped her, murdered her, and chopped her body parts up and put her into a bag (which is super scary by the way) and threw her in the back of his truck bed, it was also thrilling when her sister snuck into Mr. Harvey’s house and tried to find evidence, he then came home when she was upstairs and she had to quickly find a way out of his house so she jumped out of the window. It was a very sad book because her parents started drifting apart later into her death (because they still haven’t figured out her murderer which was one reason why) and her mom moved away and left them (she eventually came back), it was also super sad as she narrated the story even after she was dead (her point of view was up in heaven after she died). I watched the movie before when I was much younger (maybe when I was in middle school) and someone brought up the book so I decided to read it and I really liked it. My thoughts before reading the book was it was probably going to be like the movie (it wasn’t, but it was similar). After reading the book I liked how it was somewhat different, it was more detailed and more interesting. I shared negative feelings with Mr. Harvey because he’s an absolute terrible person, like what makes it okay to decide to murder someone (in this case multiple young teenage girls)? Nothing!!! like he’s super creepy and odd, he’s just an all-around weird guy. I didn’t like him at all. I shared positive feelings with Susie because she was a young, smart, and talented girl. She was very positive (even after she died) and she was also very innocent. I liked how she still tried to help her family solve her murder and it showed her “life” up in heaven. There was a lot of symbols in her heaven including the boat in the bottle (she made them with her father). The ending basically was that she finally let go and was ready to go to heaven. I think people should read this book because it’s very interesting and it’s such a good book. It really gets you hooked if you want me to be honest. I’m pretty sure it is based off a true story (he has actually killed many young women from Pennsylvania in real life).  The movie is very popular so if you have ever watched it, I’m sure you’ll like the book just as much. And this was my reaction to The Lovely Bones, it was very mysterious, thrilling, sad, and many more emotions included.

Blog/Vlog 7

I understand that our Blog/Vlog 7 was supposed to be a video, but I’m not a fan of being on camera or hearing my voice on camera. So I hope this is okay and I understand that I may not get any points for any of this… “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury was an interesting story, so interesting that I’m not sure if I would say that I liked it.  I thought it was kind of weird and I just couldn’t follow along with the story.  I liked that it visualized the future, but I didn’t like the dialogue or how things “played” out or ended. It just really didn’t appeal to me, I just couldn’t pay attention to it while I tried reading it. I didn’t like how the parents let things get so out of control. Also, I don’t think I really liked the dude that came to their house (he was really odd). The warning for the audience in this story is don’t let things get out of hand. They let the children use the nursery whenever they felt like it. They always claimed that they’ll lock it up or they’ll get rid of it and that bothered me because they procrastinated so much to the point that they ended up dead because they didn’t put a stop to anything.  This relates to society today because so many people procrastinate and nothing good ever happens to them. For example, I am one of those people. I procrastinated so much to the point I didn’t do my homework and now my consequences are that I have to work to bring my grades up in the next two weeks so I pass the first quarter. If I actually did my homework and paid attention in class, I wouldn’t be in the boat I am now.

Blog 6

The first initial concept on my short story and final draft is that  I put more effort into my second one and put more detail into to it.  I changed how some of the details about the wife and how she acts/reacts to things (like her emotion and attitude). I wanted to make it more interesting because when I wrote my rough draft it seemed kind of boring and bland.  I don’t know if I really like my short story because I had better thoughts in my head about it, but then writing it down it wasn’t really the way I wanted it, but it will do. It just doesn’t seem like me writing about it and it isn’t really that good. I do like that it still shows what “theme” (I guess you could say) that I wanted to go for.  But anyways, I finished book 1 and I really enjoyed it. I read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (and I also watched the movie!! it was great)I like reading books that are like set in high school or about people around my age. I love how the book is so mysterious and kind of scary. It’s just a super interesting book and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. The only bad thing was that the book and the movie are a little different, but it’s whatever. For the next quarter I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to read yet so if anyone wants to give me suggestions then go ahead. As I said earlier I like books like set in high school. I really enjoy books like Harry Potter, The Divergent series, and I like some of the newer more popular up to date books too. The picture I inserted is my mood for this school year so far. 

Blog 5

My story is about a man and a woman getting married, and the woman secretly is “psychotic”. She has previously married many other men and has killed them and stuffed them thinking they’d be in her life forever. They live in a log cabin in the woods, but it’s pretty close to town so it’s not in the middle of nowhere.  And she plans out his death while they’re together (she has a secret “sewing room” (which is actually a room where she stuffs the dead men she has been with)).  She starts to get shady around him and he asks her why she’s acting so weird and she flips out on him accusing him of cheating on her and he says he won’t ever bring it up again and he didn’t mean it.  then one night he wakes up and sees some of his fingers lost feeling and he looks at them and they’re stuffed and he starts freaking out and he looks around for his wife and she isn’t in bed with him. This is where it gets shady. It’s cold and damp and he walks out to the hallway and it’s very dark. There’s creepy noises (sounds like grunts, echoes, and scary laughing if that makes sense).  And I’m going to decide to keep the rest of the story a secret. I’m not really sure how I developed the idea of this story I just picked two of those quotes.  Some of the activities we did in class affected my story because it originally was going to be a love story, but I seen some of the quotes and I thought it’d be really cool if instead of doing one i’d combine two of them together to make a more interesting story that’ll pull everyones attention and affect the readers feelings  in different ways.  I’m still trying to figure out names for them, but that’s all I need to do.  But that’s what my short story is about and how I decided on what to do.

Blog 4

For my AR book, I chose The Lovely Bones. I have seen the movie before and it was really good, but I figured that the book would be similar, but also pretty different. I really like the book because it is set in like a high school setting, and it is very appealing and mysterious. I enjoy reading books about people around my age range and who are in high school. This book is really interesting and makes you really worried/nervous. The author did a really good job with the suspense. I really have a deep disliking for George Harvey because he tries to act all innocent and nice when really he’s a psychotic murderer. It makes me really upset when the police officers search his home and gets rid of him as a suspect and he still lives his life normally. He is creepy and a murderer and he does not deserve to live after what he has done to Susie. My heart really breaks for Susie Salmon because she doesn’t deserve what happens to her, she was a young innocent girl and it wasn’t fair. I really like in the book that the author wrote it that she can still interact in the story about her death, it feels like she’s still there as she observes her families daily lives.  I really like her sister Abigail when she becomes nosy and breaks into Mr. Harvey’s house. It makes me feel scared for her as if the same thing will happen to her as did her sister. I can kinda relate because I have an odd neighbor. I never see her outside and I heard that she got married to a guy after only three months of knowing each other and they just had a baby. Near the end of the story, I think that her family will finally get the ending they wanted. Maybe they’ll find her body and have a proper funeral for her. And her mother may finally be in peace and her family will finally be able to live a closer to normal life than they have been living before.

Blog 2

As the second week of school has come to an end I have realized that junior year will be pretty rough. There is so much homework and notes that I am not sure how I am going to survive the rest of the year (just kidding, i’ll be fine guys). Some classes are super crazy when it comes to homework and things we have learned in class. But I should expect it because it’s one of our most important years of high school. A few things changed the way I look at stories. An example, such as Catharsis, changed my views on reading stories and watching movies. Catharsis is the emotional bondings of the character(s) and the reader. As an example, if a man kills someone in a drunk driving incident experiences catharsis if he volunteers at a children’s center.  In the story of Romeo and Juliet,  the two lovers finally was able to be together by killing themselves.  The audience experiences catharsis when the two families settle their feud and make peace with one another. It changes the way i look at stories by understanding why the plot is the way it is, it’s almost the same  in every story. The conflict from the beginning is always resolved when something outstanding happens. The difference between observing the story and being an active participant of a story is that observing the story you’re just basically skimming through the story you aren’t reading it and being an active participant is when you actually read the story, you get into it, and you actually learn things from it. I believe that for myself I am mostly an active participant when it comes to reading, I enjoy a good book. I can also observe stories when i’m not really interested in it. I can’t really focus or pay attention to it because it doesn’t really catch my attention. We can make more of a transition to becoming an active participant by finding stories that I like or catch my attention. And that is how my second week of school is going and how catharsis changed my view on short stories.

Blog 1

My first week of school was a little rough. We had a lot of homework (I expected it) and we even had a quiz! Band was a little stressful because we practiced a lot and we had our parent show and first football game. I was nervous for the game on Friday because we haven’t marched on a football field at all this season, but it went pretty well. The only bad thing i’d have to say about band this week is that at our football game we couldn’t do as much as we used to be able to do when we had the Berchers, but I guess I don’t have a choice and I’ll have to adjust to it.  We had our first quiz in geometry this week, I thought I’d do bad because last year I didn’t do so hot in algebra II, but I got an 87% so I’m pretty satisfied. I was also busy preparing for my 16th birthday (August 27th). I get to have some of my friends over Monday night and we get to have cake and hang out.  My expectations for this school year is t0  do well in all my classes and to do well in track. I’d like to throw around 90-100 feet this upcoming season and I’ve been working hard to do so.  The class I think I’ll enjoy this year is geometry, I had nope hope the beginning of the week, but now I do. The teacher has a nice style of teaching that I understand and it seems pretty easy. I don’t think I’ll do well in chemistry though, I’ve never been good at science and the class is really confusing. We are learning about The Metric System and I know absolutely nothing about it. We received homework on it and I’m glad i worked on it with some friends during class time. We also have a poster project in that class that i think is due Tuesday and I have no clue what to do haha. Overall, I think this will be a good school year. I’m really going to try my best and work as hard as I can.