Blog 12

A current issue that could be up for debate is Social Media usage for teens. Teenagers and children are ALWAYS using social media…. like 24/7. I think people shouldn’t have access to that until maybe high school, but like a limited usage. There are many bad effects of teens using social media, such as bullying, to much time on it, depression related issues, etc. It isn’t really healthy for teens to use it constantly, but whatever. That is like one of the most concerning issues to me. 2019 is here and Macie is ready for a change. All my bad grades=Thank you, next sis. I am ready to be out here thriving. and actually, try to get good grades (and surprisingly my grades aren’t horrible rn). The worst month for me this upcoming year will probably be March. I’m going to be so busy that month because I have to take my SATs March 9th, get my license  March 6-7 (I don’t remember lol), and I have to somehow figure out how to buy a car lol. My 2019 I’m going to try to get good grades and pay attention and do my homework. The only thing stopping me is my pRocRAsInaTIoN. But I’m fine. Macie is okay. An 11/10.  I can do my work, study, tell my procrastination to get away, etc.

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