Blog 9

My perception of poetry has not changed. I still hate it. It’s so so annoying. Writing poems was absolutely horrible. I never want to do it ever again. Like I’m not the person that can write just anything in general (because everything I write sucks). Poetry just still doesn’t make sense to me, like how do people write about death or feelings in poetry form, like I just can’t.  I think poetry is still dumb, like whoever can write poetry good for you, but I definitely can’t so it’s a no from me. Update^ (12/5/18) Wyatt explained to me how to find the theme and I understood a poem for like the first time ever!!!! (go me) It was nice to be able to do the homework for once lol. Adding pictures and visuals to poetry could probably help more people understand it (lol pointing all fingers at me). It could alter how some people see each detail because when there’s no visual then everyone’s minds are interpreting things differently. It could make everyone see a poem more similarly or even help anyone who doesn’t understand it that well. They could help show emotion in the writer’s words or even the mood.

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