I thought the story a funny in the sense of how outlandish the story of Jim Smiley was. I think the satire about how people shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover is complete true even though we do it all the time.

I kinda want to read it after hear what it’s about and what kinda happens in the story as what Tom Sawyer does. I don’t really know anything about the story except that is written by Mark Twain and about Huckleberry Finn. I don’t really know what it will be like after reading the story but from what McGarry explained in class that Tom Sawyer may be hated by some of us and all the characters except for Jim do some things to make us not like them.

I think the short film iMom was pretty good. It was satirizing Parenting and our growing Dependence on Technology. The different families that are depicted are families that are either dysfunctional or not fit to have children and they rely on iMom to take care of the children and do their main jobs as parents. Then when iMom says she is neither the sheep or the wolf and that she is the fruit from the tree (bible verse) she is stating that she is the product of us, humans. It also means that either she can be pure or corrupt which depends on the tree, society, and if it is pure or corrupt. My reaction to the message it was making is something that I’ve seen everywhere, people walking around on their phones all of the time or seem lost or freak out when power goes out or cell service fails. The presentation where the iMom cooked the baby and put the chicken to bed then the guy on the commercial was shaking his head when nobody said anything freaked me out a bit but it also was satirizing how technology can be great it can have flaws.


My experience with satire and humor? I like to watch movies that look really funny sometimes and me and my dad usually find stupid things to be funny all the time. I enjoy physical humor and improv the most. I think it’s funny when I see videos of people doing something stupid and running into poles or walls or something. I also like watching the show “Whose Line is it Anyway” because of how random some of the stuff can be. Like they actors just randomly come up with all of the things they say and do, like scenes from a hat or the props scenes or the different hats scenes. What I know about Mark Twain and his writing? I don’t know much other than he wrote Huckleberry Finn. I think it was interesting that Mark was a steamboat pilot/captain person and that was how he got his pen name “Mark Twain”. I thought it was also interesting that Twain had joined a local Confederate unit and was only part of it for 2 weeks.

“Zooms in while walking backwards”

Vertigo. My initial thoughts would that it would be completely boring and that I probably wouldn’t understand the psychological thriller parts at all.  Then when we started watching it I was kinda interesting, all thought the opening scene was a bit weird. I think though as the movie keeps going it starts to reel you in and finds a way to keep you from stop watching it. What I like about Vertigo? Well we are only up to the part where Scotty meets Judy and she has the flashback but so far I like how a story that seems pretty much laid  out in front of you can have a massive plot twist hidden below. I also like the scene when Scotty goes through the mental break down, I have no idea why but I do. What I don’t like? I don’t like how bland the middle of the movie is. Like from the opening scene to when Scotty meets Judy is kinda boring. It just has Scotty following Madeline almost the entire day and then repeat for the next day. What should change for modern audiences? I would modernize the special effects and also modernize the time era. I would make it placed in the current year and have the story have a more modern feel and not the cringey stalker falls in love type story like how Scotty was hired to follow Madeline and while following her (stalking basically) he started to fall in love with her. Where I would change it more into the guy starts seeing a girl, and over the course of time started to make the man think she was possessed and that her death was planned by some dude that the main guy pissed off extremely. Or something along those lines. Or I would change the main character Scotty from just some retired detective into a more famous person. Like a world=renowned detective like Sherlock Holmes and events of the story could be captured by a camera man from time to time or be read as if the event were in an article in a newspaper.


My initial impressions and reactions? Impressions were that it was confusing and my reaction was basically “ugh”. Whitman’s devotion to a Transcendentalist philosophy affects his writing greatly. Whitman links many aspects he talks about himself and his transformation into a better person to Transcendentalism. Some of the most important lines from my section are:

I am enamour’d of growing out-doors,
Of men that live among cattle or taste of the ocean or woods,
Of the builders and steerers of ships and the wielders of axes and
mauls, and the drivers of horses,
I can eat and sleep with them week in and week out.

They are important to developing theme because he first says that if you simply go out into nature that you’ll grow which is with the philosophy that we are linked to nature and can learn from it. He then lists occupations of people who live in the middle of nature like cattle raisers, fishermen, woodsman and he also lists occupations that try to control to control nature like builders, ship steerers, axe wielders (lumberjacks), and horse carriage drivers and says that since they all deal with nature that he is like them. Some of the other important lines are:

The sharp-hoof’d moose of the north, the cat on the house-sill, the
chickadee, the prairie-dog,
The litter of the grunting sow as they tug at her teats,
The brood of the turkey-hen and she with her half-spread wings,
I see in them and myself the same old law.

They are important because the animals he list cover all of America and the sow and turkey-hen are displaying mother like qualities. He is saying that even though we view these animals as just animals, that they display qualities that we display and therefor we are linked to each other and nature. Some of the difficulties I had with the work was understanding why he was listing the animals and what they represented. (I did this blog late, I won’t hide that fact but it did confuse me and my group about why he chose them before we presented) The easiest part was the part on the occupations with nature.

Good Vibes…not from this chapter

I don’t agree with the statement “that government is best which governs least”. The role of the government is to secure and protect it’s citizens lives a way of life. The government should be able to create a good and prosperous life and should be able to maintain that way of life for it’s citizens and be able to protect the land on which they live on. It’s role to each individual is to allow them to live a well and safe life. It should allow them to be able to enjoy activities they love unless they harm other citizens. What government commands do I respect? I’m not entirely sure which ones I respect but to be honest I’m not entirely sure what government commands are. The role of civil disobedience today is to help keep the government in check and to make sure that the government isn’t becoming to strict. It is somewhat effective today because there are always peaceful protests of issues that requires the government to take action and how they take action helps gauge how well the government is.


Can we just stop this chapter please???….The only connection that I noticed is that they both basically say that nature is a separate place from the world and that there is no control there. You can’t be controlled and you can’t control nature. The main idea of Where I lived, and what I lived for is that no matter how poor or rich you are you can still be wealth. And that true wealth comes in the form of our happiest moments and that as long as we keep having happy moments here and there we will still have true wealth. The main idea of The Conclusion is basically government is not necessary. The benefits of leaving society and living the woods would be peace and quiet, no physical and mental distractions and no one can control how you live or move in the woods. Like there would be no car horns or motors, there would be no fast food or physical distractions plus no mental distractions from radios and other noises. There are no sidewalks or streets or stairwells or hallways to control where and how you travel in the forest. In the woods you can walk whichever way you want and how you want. What would I miss? I would miss probably my closest friends, my ability to drive where places, and some electronics like Xbox since helps me escape the real world during the little free time I have. I might be able to do the challenge for maybe a few days but after that I’m not entirely sure. I’d probably miss being able to talk to my closest friends and would need to go back to society. A modern reader should take out that every once in a while we need to separate ourselves from society. Take a hike, go camping, or something that can take you out into nature. That is really all I could get out of the excerpt for a modern reader. Also can the chapter be over already? Like I don’t understand hardly a single thing because it’s so confusing. Like my table has done every assignment as a group because we don’t understand anything.

Argument be gone

Argument. I still don’t like it. I still argue with people almost daily but I don’t like the debate part and the having to make complete sense part. My understanding of argument and debate grew a tad bit more on how to construct your side of the argument and how to defend it. Why argue? When your right or think you are. Or to settle a problem. Or if the person who your arguing doesn’t let you alone so you either destroy them in the argument or become really embarrassed when you lose. When to argue? Pretty much the same as why argue. How to argue? Collect information on your point of view of the argument, then compile the information into a somewhat structured argument. Then go over it and clean it up. Make your argument more structured and well protected. Then when your “opponent” tries to prove why they are right, you use the facts you gathered to destroy their argument and show how you are right. The way I argue? Like how I personally argue? Well usually it’s like a loose cannon that is supported by some facts, and usually either hits the target and wins or completely misses and I admit to my mistake. The way my peers construct arguments? Some of them are the same way as may, while some of them will ask questions before they argue and then use those to help them argue or they won’t argue if they don’t get the answers they can use. The way adults argue can vary from the way me and my peers argue but in today’s day and age, not as much. Some adults are still the loose cannon with facts and the ones that use questions. But there are some that actually form a solid argument before engaging in an argument but the numbers of those people are low. My thought after the argument lessons: I still hate it. I don’t think differently about it. At all. The experience of developing a persuasive speech was kinda hard but kinda easy. Like I don’t like to argue, yet I argue all the time, or have to build an argument by searching for facts and taking time to do it. That was the hard part while the easiest was after gathering all the information. It was easier to grab parts from the articles and stitch them together into an argument because I have all the information and all I have to do is put it together.

The Wall

My topic for the debate is the Border Wall and I got assigned the Con side of the debate. This is also my personal position on the topic. What I know? I know that the border wall is a very controversial topic in United States Politics. I know that Trump has been fighting Congress and the House of Representatives to secure funding to build the wall. I know that Trump caused the current government shut down in order to get the funding the wall he wants. I know that the wall will cost the United States at least millions to billions of dollars to build the wall since the border is mostly the Rio Grande river so the wall will have to be a few miles inside the border. And in Texas the land needed to build the wall is private land so the US Government would have to pay those people for their land. Some of the basic results I got when I searched “Border Wall Cons” are websites that list Pros and Cons of building the wall, websites that have why we should or should not build the wall, and one said “The 3 biblical reason to build the wall”. One logical way to address this topic? I have no clue to be truthful. An issue regarding the border wall would be that the the building immigrants must go to on the border to be processed are out dated and under equipped to handle the immigrants that cross legally now, so if Trump builds the wall and doesn’t do anything with the facilities that would be charged with handling all the immigrants would only lead to an increase in unrest among the immigrants. So instead of building the wall, Trump should send all the money he wants to the processing facilities so they can better equip themselves to handle all the immigrants getting processed. The emotions that can be brought into play are: pity for the immigrants that are fleeing trouble in their country and trying to make it to safety, and anger for all the effects now like the government shut down since Trump won’t budge on the wall.


Apple or Android? That is the debate I’m choosing to use. The two sides are Team Apple and Team Google. Apple argues for IOS by stating how secure iphones are with most viruses being directed towards Androids due to their open source system while iphone are “exclusive” and are a closed source system, how fast they are with new iphones having a new chip in them which alows them to do something twice as fast as other iphones and Androids, and how iphones are constantly being updated while Androids have a wide range of what version software they have. Team Android agrues on how much variety there is on Androids for apps and such since Androids use an open source system which allows people to get pretty much whatever they want, How cheap Androids are compared to iphones, and how Andriods has a better user experience with Google Assistant being more helpful than Siri and how Google has a huge information bank being a big structure for thye internet.

I’m for Team Apple. The only phones I’ve had have been iphones and they have been perfect while I’ve heared some friends who had Androids complain how they are slow or don’t function properly sometimes. Also some of the points that Team Apple pointed out help solidify my stance with Apple, I mean with better protection from viruses, better computing power, and how up to date iphones are, I’ll py a few extra dollars for an Apple product

2019, woah. So the school year has gone pretty good so far. I mean I was really stressed at some points but over all pretty good. Onething I could change/improve is procrastination. Something to do today or this week is to try nto finish my books for AR and begin the essay for the 16th but with my schedule probably not gonna happen😒 One thing that could really stop me is myself. I’ll want to get the project done but I’ll probably become lazy and push off the essay till like the day or two before it is due then freak out to find time to do it.

Virtues experiment….nah

Ight, Franklin Experiment, right. Well the list of my 15 virtues are: Determination, Moderation, Frugality, Temperance, Order, Industry, Resolution, Justice, Cleanliness, Humility, Tranquility, Assertiveness, Fortitude, and Silence. And now I guess I have to go through and tell which ones I successfully passed or I failed. Welp, let’s begin.😃

I passed determination with flying colors. If there was something I wnted done, I went a tried to follow through with it. I passed Moderation since I never took on a task that would have stretched my abilities too far.  I passed Frugality, kinda. There was nothing really that was offered to me that could help me in the future but I probably would have taken it. Temperance is a messy subject. I technically passed it since I ate a lot of food at the football banquet but it was a formal banquet so like should I have ate that much? Order, ooo I passed. I can’t stand to have things unorganized at all.  Industry is a half fail. I had work and football lifting so those were good but I failed when I started binge watching a Tv show. Resolution was a pass. My resolve to do anything was certain and final. Sincerity was a fail. I may or may not have lied to hurt some person deliberately. Justice was a pass. No wrong was committed and everything I did I believed was right. Cleanliness for physical aspect was a hard pass, but the internal cleanliness wasn’t as good. I had darkness in the form of anger control how I handled a situation which I don’t know how it will go down the road. Humility and Tranquility were easy passes. If your true to yourself and your beginnings then you’ll have good vibes. Assertiveness was ok. I made my opinoins known. Fortitude, well that was…let’s say strong. No matter how many insults at me or my friend a certain person through at me, I would either take it and continue or I would fire back and not let up without a fight. I only have Silence in here for the last part of it: Avoid trifling conversations. Well that was a hard fail. I had multiple trifling conversations over the past week.