Kane…Citizen Kane

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie despite it being in all black & white and certain scenes a bit cringey. It was a good movie and it captured the theme of what they wanted very well. The theme they wanted to go for was to show the reality of the American Dream and it’s interpretation at the time which was if you had all the money and fame, you would be happy. The film depicts this but without the happy part. Charles Kane has all the money a person could ever want and need but yet is one of the most unhappiest people there is. He has enough money to buy ancient statues by the bulk and yet he can’t buy the one thing that would make him happy: love. The only thing Mr. Kane really ever wanted was someone for him to love and to be loved by or true love. Charles can’t be happy though because of how he was raised. When he was young, his mother basically sold him to the bank to get him away from his father who sometimes beat him. After going with the bank dude, Charles was raised by him and didn’t have anyone to love him but instead only had a person who cared for money. So as Charles grows up, he only knows how to get money and not how the love someone and as a result he can’t find the one thing he wants. The key figure in his life impacted his quest for happiness greatly. It started off in his youth when he was given to Mr. Thatcher who raised Charles from a banker point of view so Charles got little to no love from him. Charles, being raised by Thatcher, does one of the only things he was raised on: how to get money, and so he marries the President’s niece and become rich. He then find a singer and cheats on his wife and ends up marrying the singer after his wife left him. He then starts building Xanadu, and after a while his 2nd wife leaves him causing him to throw a fit of rage. He finds a snow globe with a sled in it and that is when Charles finds what he truly wanted, love and happiness. Charles dies before he can find the old sled which represent the main key factor for Charles. It represents the turning point in his life because it is when he left his family, traditions, and his values behind forever changing him, even Charles knows it when he makes the comment: “I would be a great man if I wasn’t rich”

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