I thought the story a funny in the sense of how outlandish the story of Jim Smiley was. I think the satire about how people shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover is complete true even though we do it all the time.

I kinda want to read it after hear what it’s about and what kinda happens in the story as what Tom Sawyer does. I don’t really know anything about the story except that is written by Mark Twain and about Huckleberry Finn. I don’t really know what it will be like after reading the story but from what McGarry explained in class that Tom Sawyer may be hated by some of us and all the characters except for Jim do some things to make us not like them.

I think the short film iMom was pretty good. It was satirizing Parenting and our growing Dependence on Technology. The different families that are depicted are families that are either dysfunctional or not fit to have children and they rely on iMom to take care of the children and do their main jobs as parents. Then when iMom says she is neither the sheep or the wolf and that she is the fruit from the tree (bible verse) she is stating that she is the product of us, humans. It also means that either she can be pure or corrupt which depends on the tree, society, and if it is pure or corrupt. My reaction to the message it was making is something that I’ve seen everywhere, people walking around on their phones all of the time or seem lost or freak out when power goes out or cell service fails. The presentation where the iMom cooked the baby and put the chicken to bed then the guy on the commercial was shaking his head when nobody said anything freaked me out a bit but it also was satirizing how technology can be great it can have flaws.

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