My experience with satire and humor? I like to watch movies that look really funny sometimes and me and my dad usually find stupid things to be funny all the time. I enjoy physical humor and improv the most. I think it’s funny when I see videos of people doing something stupid and running into poles or walls or something. I also like watching the show “Whose Line is it Anyway” because of how random some of the stuff can be. Like they actors just randomly come up with all of the things they say and do, like scenes from a hat or the props scenes or the different hats scenes. What I know about Mark Twain and his writing? I don’t know much other than he wrote Huckleberry Finn. I think it was interesting that Mark was a steamboat pilot/captain person and that was how he got his pen name “Mark Twain”. I thought it was also interesting that Twain had joined a local Confederate unit and was only part of it for 2 weeks.

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