“Zooms in while walking backwards”

Vertigo. My initial thoughts would that it would be completely boring and that I probably wouldn’t understand the psychological thriller parts at all.¬† Then when we started watching it I was kinda interesting, all thought the opening scene was a bit weird. I think though as the movie keeps going it starts to reel you in and finds a way to keep you from stop watching it. What I like about Vertigo? Well we are only up to the part where Scotty meets Judy and she has the flashback but so far I like how a story that seems pretty much laid¬† out in front of you can have a massive plot twist hidden below. I also like the scene when Scotty goes through the mental break down, I have no idea why but I do. What I don’t like? I don’t like how bland the middle of the movie is. Like from the opening scene to when Scotty meets Judy is kinda boring. It just has Scotty following Madeline almost the entire day and then repeat for the next day. What should change for modern audiences? I would modernize the special effects and also modernize the time era. I would make it placed in the current year and have the story have a more modern feel and not the cringey stalker falls in love type story like how Scotty was hired to follow Madeline and while following her (stalking basically) he started to fall in love with her. Where I would change it more into the guy starts seeing a girl, and over the course of time started to make the man think she was possessed and that her death was planned by some dude that the main guy pissed off extremely. Or something along those lines. Or I would change the main character Scotty from just some retired detective into a more famous person. Like a world=renowned detective like Sherlock Holmes and events of the story could be captured by a camera man from time to time or be read as if the event were in an article in a newspaper.

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