Can we just stop this chapter please???….The only connection that I noticed is that they both basically say that nature is a separate place from the world and that there is no control there. You can’t be controlled and you can’t control nature. The main idea of Where I lived, and what I lived for is that no matter how poor or rich you are you can still be wealth. And that true wealth comes in the form of our happiest moments and that as long as we keep having happy moments here and there we will still have true wealth. The main idea of The Conclusion is basically government is not necessary. The benefits of leaving society and living the woods would be peace and quiet, no physical and mental distractions and no one can control how you live or move in the woods. Like there would be no car horns or motors, there would be no fast food or physical distractions plus no mental distractions from radios and other noises. There are no sidewalks or streets or stairwells or hallways to control where and how you travel in the forest. In the woods you can walk whichever way you want and how you want. What would I miss? I would miss probably my closest friends, my ability to drive where places, and some electronics like Xbox since helps me escape the real world during the little free time I have. I might be able to do the challenge for maybe a few days but after that I’m not entirely sure. I’d probably miss being able to talk to my closest friends and would need to go back to society. A modern reader should take out that every once in a while we need to separate ourselves from society. Take a hike, go camping, or something that can take you out into nature. That is really all I could get out of the excerpt for a modern reader. Also can the chapter be over already? Like I don’t understand hardly a single thing because it’s so confusing. Like my table has done every assignment as a group because we don’t understand anything.

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