Argument be gone

Argument. I still don’t like it. I still argue with people almost daily but I don’t like the debate part and the having to make complete sense part. My understanding of argument and debate grew a tad bit more on how to construct your side of the argument and how to defend it. Why argue? When your right or think you are. Or to settle a problem. Or if the person who your arguing doesn’t let you alone so you either destroy them in the argument or become really embarrassed when you lose. When to argue? Pretty much the same as why argue. How to argue? Collect information on your point of view of the argument, then compile the information into a somewhat structured argument. Then go over it and clean it up. Make your argument more structured and well protected. Then when your “opponent” tries to prove why they are right, you use the facts you gathered to destroy their argument and show how you are right. The way I argue? Like how I personally argue? Well usually it’s like a loose cannon that is supported by some facts, and usually either hits the target and wins or completely misses and I admit to my mistake. The way my peers construct arguments? Some of them are the same way as may, while some of them will ask questions before they argue and then use those to help them argue or they won’t argue if they don’t get the answers they can use. The way adults argue can vary from the way me and my peers argue but in today’s day and age, not as much. Some adults are still the loose cannon with facts and the ones that use questions. But there are some that actually form a solid argument before engaging in an argument but the numbers of those people are low. My thought after the argument lessons: I still hate it. I don’t think differently about it. At all. The experience of developing a persuasive speech was kinda hard but kinda easy. Like I don’t like to argue, yet I argue all the time, or have to build an argument by searching for facts and taking time to do it. That was the hard part while the easiest was after gathering all the information. It was easier to grab parts from the articles and stitch them together into an argument because I have all the information and all I have to do is put it together.

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