The Wall

My topic for the debate is the Border Wall and I got assigned the Con side of the debate. This is also my personal position on the topic. What I know? I know that the border wall is a very controversial topic in United States Politics. I know that Trump has been fighting Congress and the House of Representatives to secure funding to build the wall. I know that Trump caused the current government shut down in order to get the funding the wall he wants. I know that the wall will cost the United States at least millions to billions of dollars to build the wall since the border is mostly the Rio Grande river so the wall will have to be a few miles inside the border. And in Texas the land needed to build the wall is private land so the US Government would have to pay those people for their land. Some of the basic results I got when I searched “Border Wall Cons” are websites that list Pros and Cons of building the wall, websites that have why we should or should not build the wall, and one said “The 3 biblical reason to build the wall”. One logical way to address this topic? I have no clue to be truthful. An issue regarding the border wall would be that the the building immigrants must go to on the border to be processed are out dated and under equipped to handle the immigrants that cross legally now, so if Trump builds the wall and doesn’t do anything with the facilities that would be charged with handling all the immigrants would only lead to an increase in unrest among the immigrants. So instead of building the wall, Trump should send all the money he wants to the processing facilities so they can better equip themselves to handle all the immigrants getting processed. The emotions that can be brought into play are: pity for the immigrants that are fleeing trouble in their country and trying to make it to safety, and anger for all the effects now like the government shut down since Trump won’t budge on the wall.

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