Apple or Android? That is the debate I’m choosing to use. The two sides are Team Apple and Team Google. Apple argues for IOS by stating how secure iphones are with most viruses being directed towards Androids due to their open source system while iphone are “exclusive” and are a closed source system, how fast they are with new iphones having a new chip in them which alows them to do something twice as fast as other iphones and Androids, and how iphones are constantly being updated while Androids have a wide range of what version software they have. Team Android agrues on how much variety there is on Androids for apps and such since Androids use an open source system which allows people to get pretty much whatever they want, How cheap Androids are compared to iphones, and how Andriods has a better user experience with Google Assistant being more helpful than Siri and how Google has a huge information bank being a big structure for thye internet.

I’m for Team Apple. The only phones I’ve had have been iphones and they have been perfect while I’ve heared some friends who had Androids complain how they are slow or don’t function properly sometimes. Also some of the points that Team Apple pointed out help solidify my stance with Apple, I mean with better protection from viruses, better computing power, and how up to date iphones are, I’ll py a few extra dollars for an Apple product

2019, woah. So the school year has gone pretty good so far. I mean I was really stressed at some points but over all pretty good. Onething I could change/improve is procrastination. Something to do today or this week is to try nto finish my books for AR and begin the essay for the 16th but with my schedule probably not gonna happen😒 One thing that could really stop me is myself. I’ll want to get the project done but I’ll probably become lazy and push off the essay till like the day or two before it is due then freak out to find time to do it.

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