Virtues experiment….nah

Ight, Franklin Experiment, right. Well the list of my 15 virtues are: Determination, Moderation, Frugality, Temperance, Order, Industry, Resolution, Justice, Cleanliness, Humility, Tranquility, Assertiveness, Fortitude, and Silence. And now I guess I have to go through and tell which ones I successfully passed or I failed. Welp, let’s begin.😃

I passed determination with flying colors. If there was something I wnted done, I went a tried to follow through with it. I passed Moderation since I never took on a task that would have stretched my abilities too far.  I passed Frugality, kinda. There was nothing really that was offered to me that could help me in the future but I probably would have taken it. Temperance is a messy subject. I technically passed it since I ate a lot of food at the football banquet but it was a formal banquet so like should I have ate that much? Order, ooo I passed. I can’t stand to have things unorganized at all.  Industry is a half fail. I had work and football lifting so those were good but I failed when I started binge watching a Tv show. Resolution was a pass. My resolve to do anything was certain and final. Sincerity was a fail. I may or may not have lied to hurt some person deliberately. Justice was a pass. No wrong was committed and everything I did I believed was right. Cleanliness for physical aspect was a hard pass, but the internal cleanliness wasn’t as good. I had darkness in the form of anger control how I handled a situation which I don’t know how it will go down the road. Humility and Tranquility were easy passes. If your true to yourself and your beginnings then you’ll have good vibes. Assertiveness was ok. I made my opinoins known. Fortitude, well that was…let’s say strong. No matter how many insults at me or my friend a certain person through at me, I would either take it and continue or I would fire back and not let up without a fight. I only have Silence in here for the last part of it: Avoid trifling conversations. Well that was a hard fail. I had multiple trifling conversations over the past week.

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