Virtues experiment….nah

Ight, Franklin Experiment, right. Well the list of my 15 virtues are: Determination, Moderation, Frugality, Temperance, Order, Industry, Resolution, Justice, Cleanliness, Humility, Tranquility, Assertiveness, Fortitude, and Silence. And now I guess I have to go through and tell which ones I successfully passed or I failed. Welp, let’s begin.😃

I passed determination with flying colors. If there was something I wnted done, I went a tried to follow through with it. I passed Moderation since I never took on a task that would have stretched my abilities too far.  I passed Frugality, kinda. There was nothing really that was offered to me that could help me in the future but I probably would have taken it. Temperance is a messy subject. I technically passed it since I ate a lot of food at the football banquet but it was a formal banquet so like should I have ate that much? Order, ooo I passed. I can’t stand to have things unorganized at all.  Industry is a half fail. I had work and football lifting so those were good but I failed when I started binge watching a Tv show. Resolution was a pass. My resolve to do anything was certain and final. Sincerity was a fail. I may or may not have lied to hurt some person deliberately. Justice was a pass. No wrong was committed and everything I did I believed was right. Cleanliness for physical aspect was a hard pass, but the internal cleanliness wasn’t as good. I had darkness in the form of anger control how I handled a situation which I don’t know how it will go down the road. Humility and Tranquility were easy passes. If your true to yourself and your beginnings then you’ll have good vibes. Assertiveness was ok. I made my opinoins known. Fortitude, well that was…let’s say strong. No matter how many insults at me or my friend a certain person through at me, I would either take it and continue or I would fire back and not let up without a fight. I only have Silence in here for the last part of it: Avoid trifling conversations. Well that was a hard fail. I had multiple trifling conversations over the past week.

No more poetry…..hopefully

My first impression of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was confused. I couldn’t really make sense of what the poem was trying to talk about and how I was going t understand the theme. Which I think I have found as about going through life trying to find happiness but not being able to understand why you can’t find it. Other questions I have about the work? Pretty much all of it, Ha ha. ‘m still confused and unable to figure out certain aspects of the poem. I guess I kinda have my own Dodo’s Conundrum. The questions in this Sound and Sense compared to the ones for “Eldorado” were easier but still kinda hard to find certain aspects.  It was easier to find the theme, by like a teeny tiny bit, but never the less found it. And it also took the entire table of the 4 of us to find it as well. Finding parts of the poem like symbols and allusion (if there was any) and most of those parts. Writing poetry affected the way I read the poem a little bit. It was easier to guess what the theme was, yes guess, and maybe some other parts of the poem but most of it is still confusing. I’m still confused on Under and Overstatements and paradox and irony. Truthfully I don’t think poetry writing helped me interpret the Dodo’s Conundrum effectively. And I also don’t think that writing poetry and dissecting poetry are not anywhere near my strong suit.

Now I need to rant about my weekend. I worked until 9 Friday night and worked both Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 4. Saturday after work I had to go to a Christmas party with my girlfriend that I didn’t really want to go to. And to top it off she kept going from happy and talkative and then someone would say one wrong word (usually me) and BOOM she would shut up and would be miserable. Then Sunday after work I was forced to go to the Fire Hall for some minor training because I wanted to stay home and relax while playing a new story on Batman: Arkham Knight but my dad wouldn’t let me because it would be an “educational experience”