Poetry must burn away

My perception hasn’t really changed of poetry that much. I didn’t like poetry before the Poetry section and I still don’t like poetry even after writing two poems. Writing poetry with requirements really didn’t change the way I look at other peoples poems. I avoid poetry basically and if I have to look at poetry I usually don’t understand the “hidden” meaning. My first poem was basically what the hell do I do and how do I do it. I didn’t understand a dang thing about all the hidden meanings in poems, let alone writing a poem. So to be truthful, I bullcrapped my way through the first poem and did most of it at like 9;30 the night it was due. My second poem was a little bit more thought out, but it still was kinda bullcrapped through. I had an idea of what I wanted and tried to get there but didn’t get exactly there. My second poem is about how firefighters, no matter time of day, stop what their doing and try to save or help complete stangers no matter what. My poem is about that because in today’s world, it is realy hard to find people who aren’t looking out only for themselves. ost people care only about where their at, how to make themselves better, and how to help themselves but not other people. Where as most community services like the Ambulance Services, Police, and Career and Volunteer Fire Departments are filled with people who do what they do to help other people and usually on that person’s worst day. I focus on firefighting and excpecially Volunteer Firefighters because Career Firefighters get paid to do that, while Volunteer Firefighters VOLUNTEER their time and live for other people. They will stop their lives to go and save people or help them on their worst day and some pay the ultimate price for it too but that doesn’t stop them.

Using pictures in my second poem? i don’t know exactly how to do it but I probably could use pictures how people living their lives and stopping to go save people, maybe… We shall find out

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