My reaction to the poems we read were pretty much non-existent. I am not a real big fan of poetry or anything relating to poetry. Like the poems were alright. And the countless years of being forced to read and interpret poetry and not being helped in understanding how to correctly interpret the poems doesn’t help in how I feel about poetry. The discussions and the break apart of the Raven and Eldorado helped me understand the poems a little bit, but I still don’t understand many aspects about poems.  I still am confused on all the stressed and unstressed sylables and all the endings to lines and stuff. I understand the Rhyme patterns like ABBA and ABAB but after the how many years of being forced to read poetry and disect it, I still don’t understand half of the poems. The analysis of Eldorado helped me make sense of the actual theme of it as love and not greed like I origanally thought it was about. It also helped me understand how to use the author’s life and time period to look at and interpret the poem. I’m trying to write about the fire dept and fire fighting for my poem. Key word is try though, I managed to complete the first stanza but it took me almost the entire class period to create it, and I’m still having trouble piecing together the other stanzas and making them work to complete the poem, all be it being a crappy poem.

Enough talking about poetry, it’s making me dislike it more truthfully. I went and saw Bohemian Rhapsody Saturday and I thought it was pretty good. I already liked Queen and the movie explained how some of the songs came to be and the band’s inner struggles about songs and what direction the band goes for their future. Also I’ve been dealling with a head cold all weekend and I’m ready to be rid of it. I’ve been taking cold meds every 4 hours everyday, and all day long. But at the end of the week I start driving with Mr. Archey to get my liscense so there is something to look forward to


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