Darth Bane, the beginning of the downfall of the Jedi

I loved reading Star Wars The Old Republic: Darth Bane, The Path of Destruction. I loved how Darth Bane went from being Des, on a corporate controlled mining world, to a Sith Trooper to becoming a Dark Lord that destroyed all of the other Sith and created the Rule of Two, which lead to the destruction of the Jedi. I was very interested in how when Bane was on the mining world and as a Sith Trooper, had a sort of sixth sense. Bane was able to see the near future of a fight which helped him win every fight. And during a mission to destroy an outpost, it helped him snipe multiple Republic Trooper even though Bane was temporarily blinded. I was really surprised that after showing extreme powers in the force for being an apprentice by force choking another Sith apprentice during a duel that Bane had lost his connection to the force and was utterly beaten during another duel with the top student. I was also impressed when Bane defied the Dark Lords that ran the Korriban Academy and ventured into the Valley of Dark Lords to find examples that the current Sith were flawed and that the Brotherhood of Darkness needed to be destroyed. I was amazed when another Sith apprentice, Githany, began teaching Bane to help him regain his connection to the Force and how an hour after she taught Bane how to produce Force Lightning that Bane was able to create a mini Force Maelstrom inside the Archive Room in the Academy. The characters that I despised were Githany and Lord Kaan. Githany was a Jedi Traitor and began traing on the Sith Homeworld of Korriban. She quickly became interested in Bane when he defeated a fellow apprentice but at the cost of his Force Powers. She then began teaching Bane to help him regain his powers but only taught himn little portions of the actual teaching to keep Bane as her pawn, but after a few session Bane began to surpass Githany in power and strength and caused Githany to realize that she could never be able to keep him as her pawn but have him as an ally. But soon she begins to despise Bane because of how Bane kept stating that the Brotherhood of Darkness, which had united the Sith, was flawed and needed to be destroyed as Githany believe whole heartedly in the Brotherhood. Lord Kaan was the “leader” of the Brotherhood of Darkness. He had dragged the Jedi into an long battle on the planet of Ruusan and had stalemated with them for a year. He constantly used the Force to manipulate his troops and fellow Dark Lord’s mind into making them agree with almost every one of Kaan’s battle plans or to give them false hope during battles. When Darth Bane sent Kaan the idea of the Thought Bomb, a destructive Sith ritual, Kaan contemplated it but instead persisted in defeating the Jedi with mere troops and strategic superiority. And when Bane arrived and told Kaan that the only true ways was to either use the Thought Bomb, another Sith ritual, or by treachery and trickery, which were the true ways of how the Sith were able to defeat the Jedi, Kaan still refused resulting in Bane to disrupt Kaan’s battle plans and prompting Kaan to use the Thought Bomb even when Kaan still wanted to win through tactical superiority. I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in how the Sith went from one of the two Galactic Governments to crumbing and being forced into the shadows and have only two Sith Lords being alive at any given time.

The Goblet of Fire

My first book for Independent Reading was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I enjoyed reading this book and it increased my interest further into the Harry Potter world. I was confused when after the Goblet of Fire after picking the three school champions that it also picked Harry as the fourth champion, giving Hogwarts two champions for the Triwizard Tournament. The challenges of the Triwizard tournament from the dragon to the people being held by merpeople in the lake to the maze run keeped me interested by making me want to know how Harry would beat the challenge since he was the underdog, with being forced into the tournament by an unknown person and that he was the youngest of the champions by three years therefore not knowing as many spells and charms that could help him in the challenges. Then I was surprised when both Harry and Cedric, after being attacked by a huge spider, grab the Triwizard Cup and are transfer out of  the Hogwarts grounds and to a graveyard where they witnessed the resurrection of Lord Voldemort which resulted in Cedric’s death by Voldemort. I read the book after reading the first three books, which I got from a friend who heard I hadn’t read any of the books and gave me the books while they are at college. The first book had captured me in the Wizarding world as soon as Diagon Alley and it’s shops were described. Then when Harry entered his second year and was hearing voices in the walls and people were being petrified from something intrigued me further into the books, then when Harry helps rescue his godfather, after he escaped the wizarding prison Azkaban, in Harry’s third year and the use of time turners and the inclusion of Dementors kepted the books grasp on me firm. But after the Triwizard Tournament and the resurrection of Voldemort completed my journey into the books and closed the doors behind me, preventing me to leave and made me want to know how the series would end. The character that I empathized with the most is Harry Potter the main character. He was thrown into a wizarding tournament that he wasn’t supposed to be in. He had to complete challenges that seemed impossible to him but in the end he managed to not only pass all the challenges but he wins the tournament. His situation is similar to mine in football this year. From being a sometimes decent player on offense and defense for JV the past year to be suddenly put into the Varsity offense as the Right Tackle was pretty challenging for the beginning of the season. I had many challenges to face from being able to pass block against fast defensive player to being able to be fast off the ball (which still gives me trouble sometimes) to maintaining my blocks. I had many failures resulting in me being bench for a game or two but eventually I improved and claimed my spot back and have maintained it for the better part of the last half of the season. I would encourage a person not to read just this book but the entire series because they give a fantastic story of a wizarding that lives among our normal world and how one young wizard faces the challenge of defeating the most powerful dark wizard of all time.

My Short Story and Star Wars might save me for IR

My story changed greatly from when we looked at the Six Word Short Stories and my final version now. It was originally going to be set in the near future with a post-apocalyptic setting and a small hint of magic involved. But now, while still being set in the near future, it is more realistic. It just involves human being able to become robot! It changed because I changed what Six Word Short Story to use and after running through the story in my brain and envisioning it, the story with magic just wasn’t very interesting and I couldn’t produce much detail for the story while when I ran through the robot I could create multiple outcomes and ways the story could go. I could imagine how the story would roughly go and how it would look as a movie in my head. I like my finished story very much now. I like the concept over how a detailed dream can become reality and how it might show something that humans can do in the future with how modern technology is advancing.

I finish my first book ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ a long time ago. Matter of a fact I completely read ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ as well and just started ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’. I’m not sure if McGarry will approve it but I have a Star Wars book about Darth Bane on stand-by in case McGarry doesn’t approve the Harry Potter book. The Goblet of Fire was pretty good. I enjoyed it much even though some parts weren’t as interesting as others. The Goblet of Fire greatly effected my book choice because it let me interested in the rest of the series so I want to know how it ends. So I am reading The Half-Blood Prince and if that doesn’t work for McGarry then Star Wars to the rescue!