2077 and it’s creation

My short story evolves around a dream, about a supercomputer that can pass for a human taking control of the world through controlling all electronics and finds a way to turn humans into robots and uses them to produce everything the computer needs, that starts to come true when the main character wakes up. The main character inside the dream chooses to become a robot with everyone else to escape all of his problem and emotions but afterwards realizes that those emotions are what makes use human and begins to search for a way to return to being human while the supercomputer tries to stop him and succeeds, which results in the main character waking up in the real world where a new supercomputer that can pass as a human is unveiled. I started to develop the story as something completely different than what I’m focusing on now. It was going to b e set in the future still but post-apocalyptic and would have involved magic and the struggle between becoming a monster with vast wealth and knowledge or staying human. But after picking one of the six word short stories “Supercomputer in London passes for human” my idea changed into the story I’m going to write about the dream and how the events inside the dream slightly start to take place in the real world after the main character wakes up.The activities that we did in class helped develop my story into the futuristic/technologically advanced era with a supercomputer taking over. I really didn’t know how to start the story until I did the activities, they helped change my idea for the story and clearly visualize it. They helped determine how the story develops and how the story ends the way it does. I knew that authors spend a lot of their attention on their books or stories when they are writing then but I didn’t realize all of the thought and detail that they put into their stories when they write them. The process of deconstructing how to write a short story showed me that minor characters and small conflicts help create a bigger and more interesting story and keeps the reader invested in the story.

Wizards? I thinks so

So the book I was reading was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I finished the book a bit ago and I just started Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I know I know, should have read the series earlier but then I wasn’t really interested in the series. Now, down to the book… I really like this book and the entire series so far. The Goblet of Fire was really interesting. As Harry was unwilling put into the Triwizard Tournament to him being Port Keyed to Tom Riddle’s gravestone and watching Lord Voldemort rise again. What character do¬† I like the most? That’s a hard one to be honest. If I had to pick one I would have to pick Hagrid. Hagrid just this half-giant, which giants usually are very violent, who loves all magical animals especially dangerous ones and is so gentle with anyone and everything unless you insult Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore would have to be my second favorite character. Dumbledore is literally considered the most powerful wizard in Wizarding World. Dumbledore is usually portrayed as very wise and handles almost every situation calmly. He also seems to know what had already happened or is about to happen even though no one has told him. Now my least favorite character is definitely Draco Malfoy. Draco always finds a way to annoy or ruin things for Harry and his friends. Draco acts like a literal snob and is a true example of how having parents of power can go straight to your head. Draco is one of those character that always gets into the ways of the main characters at the worst times during the story. How the series will end? I think the series will have a long battle between a all powerful Lord Voldemort against a well trained and ready Harry Potter. I think Harry will win but after going through a long and gruesome duel. Harry then will be famous for defeating Voldemort a second time but I don’t know if that will help him in his future in the Wizarding world. I have to finish the series to find out to find out if I’m sure though.

The classic deal maker

My initial reaction to “The Devil and Tom Walker” was curiosity. When the story started describing the forest I was slightly interested, but when it started talking about Kidd’s treasure I became very interested. Tom struck me as selfish but his wife was completely greed driven and the way she was described was slightly shocking. The Devil didn’t seem scary like the way he usually is depicted but he was very keen to making deals with his unsuspecting “victims”. This story isn’t exactly like anything I have read but the story is similar to a lot of other stories by the way the story plays out. One of the main characters, who usually ins’t very much liked, meets a shadowy or unusual stranger, usually the devil or demonic creature, make some sort of deal then becomes famous or wealthy. And not after long, the character screws up and get killed by the stranger. My impression of the society in the story? I think the society is very ‘turn coat’ish if you could them that. Like when Tom’s wife disappeared, the town didn’t really seem to care. Then when people saw Tom get dragged away and all of his stuff and the forest basically disappear, the town again turn their minds away from them and didn’t really do anything or care about what had happened. Why do I think Irving wrote this story? There could be multiple reasons truthfully. One could be that he wanted people to learn and not make deals with stranger when the deals involve you loosing something valuable, so kinda like anti-gambling. Another reason why could be that he wanted people to learn to not break deals that involve people that helped you get rich or powerful. How to change the story for a modern audience? To make for the modern era you would have to change the setting. So like instead of 1727 change it to 2010’s and a forest could work but you could change it to an abandoned house or building to make it a bit more modern. You really won’t have to change the greediness of Tom and his wife though, there many people out in the modern world who are greedy like Tom and his Wife. The rest of the story could fit into the modern world with those changes really.

Amer. Lit. notes, on notes, on notes, on notes

Week 2… not as many notes as I thought there would be but there were still some. Mainly in American Lit. and Physics. The only bad part about the notes was that the American Lit. notes took the whole dang week! We covered so many terms that are involved in short story and now for the blog assignment I have to pick one or two to write about?!? Well I guess I have to give it a shot… One of the word would have to be milieu: “A specific feeling of a specific people during a specific time”. It is some of my favorite films! Like STAR WARS, most lower class citizens and aliens hated the Empire during it’s 23 years rule. The specific people is the lower class citizens and aliens while the specific feeling is hated and specific time is during the empires 23 years rule. Another word would have to be Catharsis. It’s the emotional bonding between the character and the reader. Many books have character we love. Like how Harry Potter has the many of the memorable characters or how almost every DISNEY movie has that one character we can never get enough of. But sadly some books or movies exploit that connection by having the character die or have something happen to then at the end of the story so that you need to know what happens to them. Also there is the difference between observing a story like most stories and stories where you participate in them. Most story have you observe them to keep you entertained and to provide a certain story. Stories where you participate have you chose options and let you determine the outcome of the story.


Other than those notes the rest of the week was pretty good. Well except for the heat wave…that sucked, hopefully we are done with all of the high heat stuff. Not much homework which always welcome. Football practices went pretty good except for the swarms of Skeeters (mosquitoes) that attacked the team during the night practices we had during the heat wave. The game Friday night was awesome! We beat Mifflinburg, 39-0 with that goose egg. One of the best parts of the game is when Billy McGinley intercepted the ball and returned it for a almost 70 yard Touchdown!