week 1 summary

My first week of school has been pretty good. I think I’ll enjoy most of my classes. Tech Ed 1 will be fun because we get to pick what  the glass makes. The only part that sucks is that the already small class is full of Sophomores except for me and another Junior but that isn’t stop me from being funny and have fun. Academic Physics seems to be an interesting class with having to do labs were we have to film in slow-mo.  I think English will be kinda interesting, McGarry is pretty cool and I think he will make the class pretty interesting. I don’t know how Spanish 2 will go though, Mr. Harris seems interesting but the class just seem dull at times. Pre-Calculus seems to be a bit hard but I’m up for the challenge, I need the class for my preferred major of Architecture. Individual sports will definitely be fun. Mr. Perkins is really cool and is making individual sports more interesting then I thought it would have been. American Cultures Honors will be challenging I know it. I like history and the things we will be covering but we had questions during class Friday that about interpreting poems and what their meanings are, which I am not good at all. But I’ll push through it and give it my all. Football this week has been kinda poor. Like during practices we have been doing okay when we are separated by positions but we brought it together and ran team stuff we fell apart sometimes, and not only that there was a lack of effort from everyone sometimes which didn’t contribute to the practices. Friday night was somewhat better than I thought. Southerns defensive line wasn’t ask hard as I thought they were going to be, the defensive end I had to block basically pass read every play so he made some of my blocks easier. Their linebacker killed us though because they shut down our run game. We had to pass the ball practically all the time which is good but isn’t a way to win a football game. We held Southern to 26-6 at halftime but during the 3rd quarter it went to 49-6 so at the beginning of the 4th, so Junior Varsity went in. Southern’s JV scored on ours, making it 56-6 and that is how it stayed to the end of the game. As much as loosing sucks, the game and week is over, so now I’m looking forward to week 2 and Mifflinburg.