Kane…Citizen Kane

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie despite it being in all black & white and certain scenes a bit cringey. It was a good movie and it captured the theme of what they wanted very well. The theme they wanted to go for was to show the reality of the American Dream and it’s interpretation at… Continue Reading Kane…Citizen Kane

I don’t care, I give up

Soooo let’s try this blog for the third time. Disillusionment of 10 o’clock is about standing out from everyone and the “normal”, Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is about being close to high society but not being able to get in I think, and I have no clue on what the theme is for Anyone lived in… Continue Reading I don’t care, I give up


I thought the story a funny in the sense of how outlandish the story of Jim Smiley was. I think the satire about how people shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover is complete true even though we do it all the time. I kinda want to read it after hear what it’s about and… Continue Reading Satire


My experience with satire and humor? I like to watch movies that look really funny sometimes and me and my dad usually find stupid things to be funny all the time. I enjoy physical humor and improv the most. I think it’s funny when I see videos of people doing something stupid and running into… Continue Reading Humor


My initial impressions and reactions? Impressions were that it was confusing and my reaction was basically “ugh”. Whitman’s devotion to a Transcendentalist philosophy affects his writing greatly. Whitman links many aspects he talks about himself and his transformation into a better person to Transcendentalism. Some of the most important lines from my section are: I… Continue Reading Trees?

Good Vibes…not from this chapter

I don’t agree with the statement “that government is best which governs least”. The role of the government is to secure and protect it’s citizens lives a way of life. The government should be able to create a good and prosperous life and should be able to maintain that way of life for it’s citizens… Continue Reading Good Vibes…not from this chapter


Can we just stop this chapter please???….The only connection that I noticed is that they both basically say that nature is a separate place from the world and that there is no control there. You can’t be controlled and you can’t control nature. The main idea of Where I lived, and what I lived for… Continue Reading Wha?…

Argument be gone

Argument. I still don’t like it. I still argue with people almost daily but I don’t like the debate part and the having to make complete sense part. My understanding of argument and debate grew a tad bit more on how to construct your side of the argument and how to defend it. Why argue?… Continue Reading Argument be gone

The Wall

My topic for the debate is the Border Wall and I got assigned the Con side of the debate. This is also my personal position on the topic. What I know? I know that the border wall is a very controversial topic in United States Politics. I know that Trump has been fighting Congress and… Continue Reading The Wall