My debate

The debate topic that I got was the death penalty and its something that I really can argue about without faking. I got assigned the con side of the death penalty in this debate. No, not fully this potion on the topic I have is I’m not fully for it but I believe we should use it in some situations. Prior to any research, I know that right now the argument is that we don’t need the death penalty because it is inhumane and people are saying no one needs to die and that they shouldn’t but in my opinion I think the opposite I believe some people really deserve the death penalty because of the horrible crimes that they committed for example lie for rape or for murder that is completely on purpose I think deserves the death penalty. The couple things that come up are five reasons to have the death penalty and pros and cons and also ethics about it are all that pops up fro the death penalty on a simple google search. In a logical approach, I am going to approach this as a person who thinks it is unessasarry and that it is inhumane. Also, I could attack it as if I were a concerned parent for my child so that basically I am looking and talking for a major population to prove that killing is the wrong thing and two wrongs don’t make a right. The ethical issue with this topic is the idea that it is an inhumane way to get rid of bad people to go straight to the killing and that in the eyes of an ethical approach we need to just get rid of it completely. We could bring in a disappointing emotion towards the United States trying to get everyone on board thinking it is completely horrible. Then we could also come into the conversation in sadness to make the other person feel bad for technically killing someone because they want to keep it and the blood is on there hands and its never going away they’re going to be the reason people die.

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