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I thought that this short story was pretty lame but I like what it is based on because I would actually do that it sounds like tons of fun and I would be all into that all year round getting ready. It was okay in the way of satire and in the point, it was trying to give just it was not too pleasing to read or fun or really good in my own opinion I think it kinda sucked and was not good really at all but the point and the use of satire was good. I like Huckleberry Finn but I also do not like it at the same time. I know it’s about a slave and I know it’s about a bad dad and a boy named Finn but I feel like it is going to be good and not at the same time I just feel as If book this old is going to be boring plus I do not like these genera. I feel like after we are going to have a test I fail but story wise I feel like I won’t like it even if it is good because I just do not find this kind of story interesting at all and I just can not help it. I found iMom pretty interesting I thought it was funny and creative and I enjoyed it they showed the satire quite well and I loved it in all honesty. It was the parents and the kids being satirized basically the whole family unit its self is what they are making fun of and showing the bad side of families. The presentation was quite well and I loved how they sowed it and I want more of that but we won’t get any and the commentary was ironic and I thought that was funny and I really liked it but like some of it was creepy and It made me love it more also the humor it uses is just some and it is amazing I just love it and that is my opinion on that.

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