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MY experience with satire and humor is within what I do on a daily because it’s just all my like all I do is have humor and stupid jokes. The humor type I enjoy the most is dark humor like really dark humor I love everything like that is just plain horrible with the world through humor. It just makes me laugh so hard and it is the best. For example “My elderly relatives liked to tease me at weddings, saying, “You’ll be next!” but they soon stopped though, once I started doing the same to them at funerals.” That joke made my day it made me laugh for a good ten minutes and its pretty bad but I can’t type the ones I really like because there to bad for the school. If I am being completely honest I do not know anything about Mark Twain and his writing I know nothing of it at all about it or him. I do not really mind that either because I am a really big non-reader and thats fine by me I hate reading. One of the interesting facts that I found was “During his trip to the Mediterranean, he met his future brother-in-law who, in turn, introduced him to his future wife, Olivia Langdon. He was married within a few short years to Olivia. Through his wife’s family, he was able to meet many famous people. Her family was wealthy and had liberal views on many issues of the day.” I found this fact pretty interesting and so that’s why I showed you this exact one that I found. I find his humor in his work pretty good and it twists in a way you would not think like in the story we read it was not how I expected it at all and it wasn’t too bad but then again I do not like reading at all. Finally, though my thoughts of him and his work are pretty good because I absolutely love humor and I am so happy that we found some actual good stuff to read that I actually enjoy and I love that It makes me happier to read and that’s good because I feel as if I need to be forced.

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