Song Of Myself

My Initial reaction and impression on this work is not good but also good at the same time I like what he is getting at in this poem but I do not like it at the same time because he is sounding stuck up and all about him but at the same time just sounding graceful for being alive and loves himself but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t really like it because of how much he talks about himself and also I just do not like this kind of stuff. The section my group was assigned was horrible like what he said in it was so confusing and made so little sense it was pointless to me because the way I tried answering them most likely they are all completely wrong because they were so confusing like they were so hard to answer it was almost impossible for me to think for some reason. It was so bad because like all the lines were so confusing and like I was supposed to go in depth but I couldn’t because I just didn’t understand at all. It affects it by making it so much harder for me to read like dang man make this easier I personally don’t understand transcendentalism at all it goes in one ear and out the other its way to confusing for me I just cant deal with that its to hard my brain does not comprehend that stuff at all. then he makes it sound all confusing in weird placement of the words like dude stop please. In the section me and my group were assigned there is no one really important part I believe the whole section is completely important it all should be because it comes together to make what it is so you cant just have one part that is completely important. All the difficulties is just mainly trying to go really in depth with the poem its extremely hard for everyone no one really understands what is going on everyone is confused just like me and I think all of us need more help because the main difficulty is understanding and going in depth.

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