Blog 8

My perception on poetry has not changed at all. I still hate it, if anything i think i hate it more now because of analyzing them. I still think it is still boring and stupid to read. I hate reading them and writing them. I think writing them is worst because of all the requirements. I did not do the second poem. I do not think i will ever like poems they are just not for me. Even sports poems i can not read them, i can not sit down and put all of my attention into read one thing. You can make visuals in a poem by using personification or pictures or maybe acting things out. I think personification works the best because people can just think of what something looks like or what it is doing. It is easy to act something out in your head, plus i think with personification you are more likely to remember what is going on in the poem. Putting a picture on a poem can sometimes lead people away from it like if i see a poem and see a picture of something boring i’m not going to read it. Even though you can help visualize it personification is better i think.


Blog 7

In my opinion poetry is not for me . I do not have the patience to sit down read a poem and the analyse every little thing about it. I get off track way to quick to be doing stuff like that so when we did it in class it was a struggle for me. I do not even remember the poems we read in class. I could not tell you what they were called or what they where about.  I never read poems because i think they are boring and just a waste of time. I could not write a poem to save my life, i suck at just putting the stuff in a specific way for each line. Plus trying to make it sound good and make sense. I do not know if it is just me but somethings sound good in my head but when I type them or write them down it is just pure trash. Then i have to think of something else. I do the same thing with these blogs. the only “type” of poetry i like is music, mostly because i’m not writing it and everything sounds a lot different with a beat behind it. Like even if i look up and read lyrics to a song i still imagine the beat when i’m reading it. Plus music is a better way to get people to read or listen to things because if you make it catchy people will remember it. If i were to do my poem over again i would probably try harder on making it rhyme more and make it look better.


blog 9

My school year has been alright so far i guess. I hate fitness days in gym it. they suck mostly because i hate running and stuff. other than that my year has not been that bad other then like tests and just doing homework in general. i “like” most of my classes, in other words i can stand them sometimes. i hate double period geometry mostly because it is not fun at all. this year as probably been the most stressful year just because it seems like every test is on completely different stuff from what we learn in class and every teacher assign big 100 point projects at the same time.  and we only have like 3 days to do all of them. plus every teacher gives us homework like every night that are worth 20 point a piece.  my favorite classes would have to be gym ( when we do not do fitness days), jewelry because ms. bowes is my favorite teacher, then american culture and chemistry  just because i like the side story’s or conversations we have during class. i think Christmas break ended way to early and we should have 3 weeks off for it. a week and a half is just not enough. plus it screwed up my sleep schedule really bad. the night before we came back i was up til 4:30 and then had to get up at 6:30 and come to school it sucked. plus we have not had hardly any snow so we have not had a lot of days off. all i’m asking for is for a blizzard to hit bloomsburg  and bring like 3 feet of snow just so we have a little break from school and everybody can get sleep and have time to get unfinished work done. but that probably wont happen and we will go the rest of winter without get on flake of snow.


the devil and tom walker

If i am being honest my first impressions on the book were not that great i thought that it was going to be stupid and dumb. i thought it was going to be stupid because of the title like the book is called ” The Devil and Tom Walker” and who reads books about devils and stuff . but after reading the book my opinion kinda changed, it was not has bad as i intended/ thought it was going to be. i just figured it was going to be about some dude named tom that was/ is getting haunted by the devil and then by the end of the story tom would just die. which that is what kinda happens but like it does not at the same time if that makes sense. the devil and tom walker is a book nothing to what i like to read. when i do read for once. the books i kinda like to read are about sports and like fun stuff to do not about the devil and stuff. most of the books i do read are books about like a kid or a team that either suck at sports and become really good or they are about a good kid or team the make it to like a championship game or something and lose. this story/ book is very different because i have never read a story were it is about a devil and like people die in the story. i normally read happy stories. The devil and tom walker is a book i would not go to the high school library and pick it up and say this book sounds like a nice book to read. maybe if it had something to do with sports i might do that but other than that i most likely would  not pick it up.  if this book was not assigned i probably would not have read it at all.


First week of school

 My first week of junior year in high school was good i guess. Monday we did not have school but i basically spent all day just trying to realize that i was going to start junior year. Tuesday was kinda boring. The only thing i did was go to each of my classes (which i am surprised i did not get lost trying to find my classes) and repeat my name and what i like to do (basically just sleeping and eating). Also i got to see who was in my classes plus meet the teachers. I like a lot of my teacher this year they all seem pretty chill and cool. Wednesday was basically like Tuesday but we started to talk about what we are actually going to learn about through out the year. And then Thursday came around and all the teachers knew everybody and everybody knew each other. And since everybody knows each other all of the teachers could actually start their first lessons. And that means we had to start actually try and learn new stuff. Most of the classes do not seem hard now but that is most likely going to change very quick i know that it is because it being the end of the first week. the first week is always the easy week but once the second week comes its going to be harder. plus i had to take two test. one in geometry and another one in american cultures. Then Friday fun day came along and i think it was my favorite day of the week just because of it being Friday. i did not have to do a lot that day and the stuff i did do it was not hard. the hardest thing i had to do on Friday was play volleyball in gym. that is basically what happened during my first week of junior year of high school. overall it was OK, it could have been a lot worse.


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