blog 9

My school year has been alright so far i guess. I hate fitness days in gym it. they suck mostly because i hate running and stuff. other than that my year has not been that bad other then like tests and just doing homework in general. i “like” most of my classes, in other words i can stand them sometimes. i hate double period geometry mostly because it is not fun at all. this year as probably been the most stressful year just because it seems like every test is on completely different stuff from what we learn in class and every teacher assign big 100 point projects at the same time.  and we only have like 3 days to do all of them. plus every teacher gives us homework like every night that are worth 20 point a piece.  my favorite classes would have to be gym ( when we do not do fitness days), jewelry because ms. bowes is my favorite teacher, then american culture and chemistry  just because i like the side story’s or conversations we have during class. i think Christmas break ended way to early and we should have 3 weeks off for it. a week and a half is just not enough. plus it screwed up my sleep schedule really bad. the night before we came back i was up til 4:30 and then had to get up at 6:30 and come to school it sucked. plus we have not had hardly any snow so we have not had a lot of days off. all i’m asking for is for a blizzard to hit bloomsburg  and bring like 3 feet of snow just so we have a little break from school and everybody can get sleep and have time to get unfinished work done. but that probably wont happen and we will go the rest of winter without get on flake of snow.


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