Satire is waved in to our life weather we like it or not. Most people who don’t know what what it is still understand it and  find it humerus. An example would be during Christmas people give gifts, many of theses gifts are are very bad. Saturday night live(SNL) lives off of this. SNL did a skit about this where coworkers do a secret Santa  and it played off of common and tropes about it. One being the really dumb gift giver of when you said you liked something and a person gives you it. People also giving really bad and you cant say you don’t like it, but you don’t want to be rude that person could be your boss. The characters are also resemblance of people, the really dumb coworker, pushy boss. Witch gives light to a not very important issue but one you will encounter if you go to work in an office.

Satire also exist in shows Simpsons love to do this. many of the episodes make fun of Aquitaine school tactics. Lisa is very smart the school is unable to provide a place where she can learn. Standardized test as well, they say straight out they will force you to memorize the answers to questions so that they can get more government funds. This is what happens and is an poor tactic it triads Money form them for the over all helpfulness of what students learn. Like who learn about how to calculate your mortgage when you could learn how most questions on the math section tend to be letter B. Also other methods like what is the length of the side of a triangle on a graph plane compared to how to wright a formal unbiased report, lab report, news paper article. This issue does not get much light, but people should be taught useful information for the job they want to peruse. Another episode is about The personalty test saying what you should become. I got Court Marshal, and model witch just for an image I am short and have no muscle so guess what not happening. When I would have a much better carer in mathematics and science, and have the opportunity to. Lisa get house wife showing the bias of the testing as well. Giving Bart police officer slipping in how police do not tend to follow the laws they are suppose to enforce. One taken here is if you said you like driving you got truck driver as one of your top ones. These are biased off of what you like as well not what you have the mental ability and skill set to learn or do. Testing and personalty text are very strange and have very little use in today’s world, put things like a mortgage, taxes, Job skills on top and maybe it will be helpful. The symptoms reveals this flaw in the system and is very smart in how its hidden satire hides very terrible but useful stuff to know.

“Exciting” Classic Lit.


I majorly missed the point of “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaverous County” and the humor. The writing was brilliant string the readers to believe what the anther wanted. The point being made well very well hidden only for people who truly can analyze works of literature can see it. It could be compared to a 1000 piece puzzle with about all the same color pieces. IT refers to how you should not judge someone by the looks. A very noble cause to support and a valuable lessons in any time. Many time people don’t care to look past the cover of the book or article. A under note is how people whom consider them self’s high and mighty are trapped by there society witch is not very prevalent now. Although it did affect its time period. Witch is importation when looking at a story. Over all I found the story amusing not for the insult, but for the story of smiley and how fake it was. That is all I could see, noting more satire is very hard to find.

Huck Fin confuses me, I have listened to it on an audio-book before, but remember very little of it. I feel that i will majorly miss the point as I always do. My life moto right idea ignore the small facts, and fail. I don’t expect to do any better on this analysis then other it will be bad that I can promise.  Otherwise then being bad at analysis i would expect a large amount of satire and references with very hard accents to read. Maybe some small jokes along the way, but I am dreading this assignment. Story are great ways to tell stuff to people secretly, but most people don’t understand what it refers to. Witch can make a book go down from a legend to boring very quickly. Some people just like things to be straightforward. If you can see the deeper meaning of the books many books become great but if you can not see deep in to the meaning, like me it is not enjoyable.

iMom has a deeper meaning about how technology is taking over everything. I find it kind of disturbing parents would trust an Ai to raise there kid. What the parents do when not with there children is terrible partying. The commentary reminds me of advertisements. Where they show you a product that does not work or is not what they say, and you end up wasting your money. The parents as well, they all are flawed and imperfect witch is natural, But to an extreme. Although I see the Ai as more of a nanny, then a mother. The AI is only as perfect as humans are, and as we know humans are not perfect. Also it lacks rationality that people have. In the end where iMom swaps places of the baby and the chicken punting them in the oven is very eerie and probably could happen if an error happened in the Ais system.

A court of frost and starlight critique

The court of series includes many different books, The most resent book being A Court of Frost and Starlight. The books has many themes and symbols, with a fair simple plot, and basic characters that are common in many books around this time. The theme of this book is rebirth, witch makes sense since it takes place after a gruesome war.

The characters react very reasonably biased off of what they experienced. For example Nesta is withdrawn form people, and she lacks a life. During the previous book she became a creature she hated, and also watched her father get beheaded. Nesta pushes everyone away her sisters. Her charter arch is relative stagnate except her drinking problem gets expediently worst during the course of the book.

The over all plot development is relatively static. Instead focusing on one conflict or big issue; It focuses on the many conflicts that the series left. One conflict is about a group of warrior tribesmen that don’t train women to fight, and a person managing over them, the general, is having females learn as well. Witch many of the men fight to stop  this new generation, in the end the only real change to that is they don’t try to resist that rule. More of the growth is through charter and all of the them change for the better or the worst.

Many themes and troupes that are popular now are woven in to the story. Most modern readers of the target audience like powerful females witch takes more of an under tone this book being more about repairing there personal life. Also it includes darker themes reflecting a strange view of the world. There is a cloth in this referred to many time in the story, that smothers out all light and is a dark black. Stars and space play a roll as well adding to the darkness theme where the main character is open refers to only being able to shine in deep darkness. Witch is interesting to say due to applying that mind set on to the world.

Compared to other books of this time it is very much the same in elements. They have strong female protagonist, fantasy world, romantic elements, and etc… If you look at many books released around this time for the targeted audience it makes sense. What makes such books different is the driving factor and who is the main character. The driving factor of this book is unclear  and very minor part of the book. Very poorly done. The main characters tend to be some how special, witch they are so the book is lacking in this factor.

Over all the book is unfocused and have very little mater in plot. The focus and growth in characters is a redeeming quality due to this rather off track book. Not much is done and its only a marginal affect with some feel good parts in it. It is true to its theme and follows it well.

Verti-go away.

When a teacher tells you you are going to watch a movie in class you get excited.. right?  Well I did not movies are fun in all but there has to be a reason, and for this movie vertigo it is a film critique, no this is a review. It sure is an evil one a film critique ever heard of it? My in initial reaction to vertigo was this movie is going to be noting much, but much to what was said bout it after watching it it was a great movie. It may have not been what I my self prefer; it still was entertaining. I enjoyed the concept as a whole, but I don’t like the characters that much. Scoty sounded dumb to me I think it was the way he would talked and acted. His voice sounded like a dumb protagonist its very goofy; I feel that scoot would be better seen as very sharp and precise because of his job. Also the feminine lead was very ugly in my eyes she had too gaudy amounts of makeup. This is only a matter of opinion to an outdated movie. The events I enjoyed especially the end, but it left me a little shell shocked. I wanted something different to happen its not fulfilling of an ending. The ending denied me detachment from the movie and excellent selling point because of people talking. Many movies do this to sell, but I feel Hitchcock did this for more reasons to add to the genera.

If I where to adapt this to a more modern version the plot is relatively good and the concept is great. The charters and fashion could be updated that’s a given. I feel that the beginning is a slow burner and would not go well for modern audiences. I say  i would be invalidated by the relevance of cameras in today’s age, so it would a time piece more of a remake. If I would have to say it does not need changed its a brilliant movie just needs better graphics and a quicker build up to apply to modern audiences; Most of my complaints are just personal opinions.


More late blogs “fun”!

Second verse same as the first! Whats exciting about late blogs! Noting just annoying grading especially when two blogs are put out  late the very same day! Today is going to be about the exciting topic of Civil Disobedience a compelling story about disobedient  delinquent from New York wondrous adventuress in crime found in there journal. The story include bank heist, diamond theft, how the govermnt should be run.. , self help for people…?

On a more serous note Civil Dissonance is much less fun to read and is about the fun topic of  transcendentalism, geese the word is losing meaning to me not that it had much to begin with. One of the topics it covers is about the role the government serves asking the age old question of BIG or small government?  for witch the write of the document says confusingly “that government is best which governs least?” the roll of the govermnt according to the unclear words of this document is an “expedient“, but fails at being this and most of the time is an “in-expedient”.One may wonder what this means, so when googled it means ” convenient and practical although possibly improper or immoral,”  witch I have to agree sometimes, but that means most govermnt are not that witch is hard to see. another fun part of this is another fun quote “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it. . .” to witch i say ummm…? to answer simply I respect a government that is fair to those who work gives everyone a chance who plays by the rules. An example of this every child starts in the same equal place then depending on there own inspiration they can rise to the top. Not a better chance for the rick’s children to go places compared to someone who is poor. The essay was read by famous people and helped inspire them towards equality a transcendentalist idea.  Today I feel we unknowingly follow its  guidance For example if he do not like someone we do not brawl in the street we talk it out. The idea existed for so long they have become engraved in many things.


Casual Late Bog

Some may wonder why I do not do assignments on time, but that is a question for another blog today we are talking about the fun, exciting transcendentalism. I can already here your cheers (cricket noise affect) , and to be more exact comparing people because we all know how fun  that is. lets see… read text 1 confused, read text 2 confused..  conclusion both text are confusing. That would be to easy any ways!

Transcendentalism is a  wide topic with many articles, the 2 in particular we are handling is the Walden, Thoreau and two of Emerson’s many works. The main idea in the Walden’s first portion is about how Thoreau recessives land wealth. the conclusion is about expanding and how to become spiritually enlightened. Both of the works are biased around the transcendentalism so they have an immediate relation. Also both articles touch on the idea that a man is more at home alone in nature. This is proven from the fact that Emerson imply this, but Thoreau’s exploring of farms in his head tends to go for more secluded farms more positively. This shows that he innately and natural wants to be in nature alone witch Emerson says.

In the woods experiment I would enjoy it at first but then would give up. I would end up missing intent and modern advancements. If I stayed out there long enough I would probably fall in to a normal schedule of gathering supply and watching nature making crafts. A lot of modern things can be easy adapted to do stuff without them.

Some of the points in transcendentalism compared to today modern age  be made null biased on your belief, but most lessons have some truth behind them. An example of a point made null due to modern beliefs are people whom believe in no god, atheist, a major point in transcendentalism is the divine being whom everything is made out of well… evolution theory. The topic of science as a whole seems to affect that as well. The lessons tho are usable, when in nature I do feel reveled and free, but I am declined to believe people are natural good.


Arguing is a slippery slope if done well it makes for a hard case to win but without the right tool set it fails majorly. Arguments are unavoidable so how do you deal with them? I for one use to use my favorite tacit say valid points until the person whom your opposed to listens and you win. Although they usual bat me down for the basic reason of “Your just a dumb teen, I’m an adult in better then you.” Witch is a invalid argument just because you are older then someone does not mean you are smarter and or better then them give me a real reason. Now I know more tactics such as using stats from reputable sources to make an irrefutable class. Also how you can call someone out on the “I’m better then you” questing then on why should I trust there word on said issue asking for valid points. Mixing points also works if you mix logical, emotional, and ethical appeal its very difficult to rebuttal an argument. Also red herrings are very helpful in debate, want to distract from a weak point slyly add one then boom they forget what your talking about. 

Serous debates are another issue; they are very different from a simple household dispute. Debates take hours of research and organizing the information you get. Then you have to research your counter argument so your ready with rebuttal with what the opponent said. Then there comes the debate day witch you have to multi-task including: looking for holes in the apposing argument, recalling your rebuttal, remembering all your points, coming up with a closing statement and rebuttal, etc… . Doing all that at once is very overwhelming and take practice and effort. there are also more advanced tactics speaking extremely quickly to cause confusion. Debating is used in many circumstances as well if you become a layer your job is to argue literally. The art of argument is helpful to know and will aid you in your day to day life. You can not escape, but you can cause it with the simplest actions.

Animal testing – pro? Am I a monster? according to PEDA.

My assigned topic is Animal testing a very tough argument; the pro side as well true ethically cruel topic to get.  The subject does not bother me much, and I could go for both side but prefer this one more logical support compared to emotional. I know very little about this topic besides the basics, but can see the use in animal testing. When looking it up on google  you see some PETA(People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) articles and mostly sources for the con. With makes research very difficult, and hard to find good sources. The logical approach is looking at how it has helped us improve medicine, and many other products. The con can also use stats on animals killed each year.Ethics would be supporting the con mostly, but it would be affecting animal not humans for a pro side support. Yes, you can call me greedy. Emotionally, the pro appeals to how many lives where saved due to the advancements, so The emotions appeal apply to joy of a family member or close friend being saved. Other would argue that the animals feel things and it is cruel and unethical. Witch is a valid point! For this to work I will have to focus on more human success, and ignore all the suffering animals. In other words becoming the enemy of PETA. Witch mind i remind you seem to have odd values, Ever see PETAs version of Pokemon..? They have very strange values,  but they do have a valid points in this topic.

My outlook or prediction on how the debate will go is, the person will use emotional appeals and ethical appeals mostly. Making it simple to refute with logic, and statics. Although I will be ready for some logical points and research on the con side to poke at there argument. Hopefully I don’t go up against someone who will not underestimate this side of the argument, “no one is that much of a monster.”  One thing I can say is I got some work ahead of me, everyone seems to be against my side here.


Current Issues of 2018 wait 2019…?

When debating typically, there is a tough issue. Sometimes it is better to avoid larger conflicts for example discussing trump, so this helps minimize personal feelings on the matter and more facts are presented. Lighter topics tend  to be less personal and determined, but they allow for people to gather a fresh support biased on proven facts. I my self would say Brexit, do you support it or not? should great Britain exit the European Union? Brexit is a more logical issue since I would bet most people did not have much time to think about it leaving just facts. A US biased option that I am begrudged to say; would be immigration, but that is a highly opinionated issue, in particulate the border wall? This one could go many ways purely biased on the persons feelings on immigration, this leans more towards ethical and emotional appeal with few points of logic to it.  a Global issue, should the US help fight terrorism, or just ignore it? Terrorism is a hard subject to judge being there are so many takes on. It could end up more logical referencing the past, as they say we learn for the past. I have yet to devolve a solid defense for any of these issues being I am not a fan of news and current issues. Living under a rock is great better then arguing about politics or religion. You can not be biased if you know nothing of an issue.

The past school year was filled with being late on assignments, but there was some good. It was very chaotic if you ask me. What I should work on the most is getting assignments in on time; it has caused me many issues lately. This week I could care about assignments and do them early, a simple fix, probably will not do it. The only reason for me not to do this is shier laziness, so I am even shocked that this is going to be done on time as well. To be frank I can not be bothered to care most of the time.

The Virtues

It is hard to be perfect, actually impossible if you think about humans. When I attempted to do my 15 virtues it was a very bad result. I failed at most of the virtues, and was terrible with order and industry in particular; my best virtue was temperance. Over all I did not change much. Temperance is normal anyways no need to flip out over small stuff. Never was very organised much, I think its very apparent how bad I am at industry looking at how late this is. Ways I could fix this is not allow my self to relax until all the work is done; contrary to my typical “I will do it later” mentality. for order i could just take an extra step and put the items, and thought in a logical place instead of the warp version of placement from me that changes each day. Justice I failed each day. With justice it is tough how are you suppose to be fair if you do not know what is fair in others minds. It is a subjective thought  and very hard to you guessed it, judge! Also it is hard to tell sometimes because you may think your being fair when you are letting you mind get clouded with emotions. Also a good point added by Franklin in there autobiography. Touching on how if you where to achieve these virtues no one would like you because you changed so much. Witch is important to recognize who wants to hang around someone who thinks there perfect? No one, well if you where perfect people would like you less then a narcissist. Who wants be friends with a know it all?

Humans are by nature flawed, but we survive sometimes through going against Virtues. Adding to this struggle is the bad potato concept, A good thing gets ruined with one rotten potato. Referring to one rotten potato rotting the rest of the potatoes in a container, for those who never experienced this. This is like the world  but the rotten potato is someone who makes it through non-virtuous ways, forcing others in order to compete have to use  those means to survive as well. Also happens in elementary schools say there is a bad bratty kid. They punish the whole class witch discourages being the better man, but encourages for people to be hateful of those people. This is caused by unjust leadership unable to see that it rewards the bad people, but it also prevents good people from growing. Over all virtues are a touch game to play and are rather hard to achieve, as you see with the bad potato.