Poetry is something you either love or hate,but I my self  dislike it because of how you have to examine it instead of reading a story. To begin the terminology is maddening stuff like trochaic and iambic then the meter; it is excessive and confusing. Trying to find these rhyme and theme sucks almost as much as to write with them. My experience in class reading poems is me just trying to find literary devices in them that I fail at majorly. This leads to me being unable to see rhyme, and rhythm witch leads to more anger and frustration. In Eldorado by Edgar Allen Poe I was clueless it was a balled. I seen it for face value a guy going after a imaginary city of greed.

For my poem witch is very late, but I put a lot of effort in to rhyme, rhythm and meter. I am trying to convey a theme of people can be blind. In it I write a bout a ribbon a self made symbol of the thing you hold on to. Also use to symbol of fire it symbolizes destruction and rebirth. The meter is trochaic  and pentameter with the starting syllables of a stanza being a Spondaic not trochaic syllable using the repeated phrase of “Fire, Pyre”. Also I switch to iambic pentameter on the last of the four stanzas to emphasize a point made in the poem a positive turn. I chose trochaic for the start to make it seem unsettling ,sad, and scary to the reader. I went with an A B C D rhyme scheme for the versus and mix it up at the end with an A B A B and C E C E in the last 2 stanzas to show the turn in mood. Over all it was a painful processes of looking for the correct words, and how to keep the rhyme scheme. I have no clue how I am going to add another stanza to this poem for the next part but I will find some way to add to it. Probably the same painful process of living in a thesaurus.

Independent reading-Escaping from Houdini

For the second book of the first making period independent reading I chose Escaping from Houdini. I expected for the book to be a thrilling murder mystery with a little gore. The book is part of a series and just came out as the final book so far, and the other books kept that trend.

I love the new characters in it and the stellar setting especially.

The  expectations were met in many ways with some exciting and maybe some dull changes. To begin with it was a murder mystery but much less gory than the past books, and lacked the interesting maybe a little inaccurate dissection of bodies. The book also lead to the main character playing less a major roll then the other books. I love this series, but I would have to say I did not like her much in this book. Holding true to the series it did not give away the killer very easily making me not solve it before the end, still. Expectations posses human error so I did not expect to be fully right.

The characters are very interesting to see and realistic for the time this story takes place in. Audrey is a contradicting example for the trends  of that era, she is a woman in the 1800’s that just wants to break the status quo of being weak and just a bird in a pretty little cage, but she gets majorly  judged for it. In this book she takes on a more

Of  a meek personality, as I mentioned before, and acts like a proper lady. Complimenting this Thomas is common for the time, they are very gentlemanly and courteous. Then we have the glorious Metropolises, the trope leader is a genius with great ideas and uses them is bring and fun ways. I find them to be intriguing because they seem to let the world seem like magic to people of that time who did not know how there machines worked. Also they give off a mysterious aura when they don’t allow the reader to know about their real name until near the end. Next, side characters are rich with story even if they are to be a corps in this gory story they are given thought to “how would this person act if.. ?” and many other questions making the book more life like, with the small details. Small and large details are what make a book a book so if i had to say this author did a good job at it as well.

The setting, and location appealed to me the most. Imagine you are on a estrangement luxurious ship, and then add entertainment to that already exciting instances.  The entertainment being a circus troupe at first glance it seems fun and exciting, but the more you think about it most tropes are made of sketchy individuals, keeping you on edge. This enhances the mysterious, and magical feel of the book lending itself to the setting. What i love about this is that they make the murders in the book even  more unsettling lending itself to the excitement of reading it. Over all very well played with where this takes place, and a fun read.

I would recommend this or someone to read unless i know they do not like gore. This book could act as a stand alone read like both the books of the series prior. I would say the target audience would be people who are into murder mysteries, or are in the mood for a realistic fiction book. If you are not part of this, I even would still recommend to read the series.

Independent Reading- a Court of Wings and Ruin

This first marking period the first book I read was a court of wings and ruin, and this had many thought provoking themes and interesting characters. The story continues from a series, consisting of 2 previous books where the main character has reached the peak of their character arc; the series has one book after this called, court of frost and starlight (3.1).

The many themes of the court of series for a court of wings and ruin is “Nothing comes for free”. This is proven through the constant sacrifices the charters have to make to win the war. For one example Fayre has to make a deal with a monster that everyone is afraid of; She comes over her fear to make this deal and help win the war overall. I like this theme because it shows that everything you do little as it may be has a price, an example with me is I have to sacrifice my time to write this blog. Each and every day we do this, some people try to deny it that is why I like this book it opens your eyes.  

Most of the characters make an impact in the book be it good or bad. One Nesta I can relate to she is cold and calculated; a trait not often seen in female characters of some works, that I appreciate. Another great character design is Ianthe; her personality is awful manipulative and she side with the terrible king of Hybern. She calls herself a priest but she is such a hypocrite; she is too self obsessed to be seen as a holy person acting like a queen. A true priest is not a person who betrays there people but one that leads by example. Adding to the list of undesirable personality traits she is extremely petty and does not allow for people to be better than her. I was very happy to know she died during this book. To end the characters on a good note, we have Fayre, the main characters  she goes through major character growth over the entire series growing from a meek human to a powerful high fay that takes no nonsense. Her growth is more subtle in the personally however, making a her a pleasant character to observe.

The overarching story of the series comes to a neat little tie here with some frayed edges. the  growing conflict of the high fae killing humans and humans dying off quickly caused a awful feud to form. This reminds me of the conflict between different races and their conflicts today, The conflicts are all based on past history not that they kill but they blame for no reason but “they were black”, and “they were white” as reasons to shoot them, or do a crime. If people truly wish to coexist then they will have to set aside there bias against either. Something the book touches on, how age old feuds between the humans and fae take time to fix and heal; we can take this message and use it in real life.

In the end i enjoyed this book, I would recommend it to someone in to the fantasy genre. Although you need to read the previous books, so I would say only read if you have time. Some people who would not like it may be ones in to high fantasy being that it can be a bit fluffy compared to other works there, for example lord of the rings. All jokes aside I hope that you where convinced to give this book a small look at least.

Independent Reading and Shot Stories


Over the past week I have been working on my short story. The concepts have majorly changed from  petty issues between sisters and poorly written conflicts lacking detail; to a story that actually does not make your eyes bleed and makes some sense be it little. The time I took for it caused the setting to become much more prevalent in the story, being mentioned to and small hints. Also, details like how the sisters where related where added so that your not like “how do these people know each other?”, but you know they are step sisters. The addition of a few plot points smoothed out some confusion as to whats the point of this story. I personal like my story a lot more now then just a lazily written bare bone requirement there was for the rough draft. I like how the setting matters but does not matter, and how I thew some little sneaky comments about some modern things today that don’t make sense to me. How about that old iPhone that businessmen extorted, and how the news if full of people just trying to get you riled up over small issues a true small town concern. I feel that I could do so much more with it still feels a little mundane and boring and also I can’t come up with a clever title.

I am close to finishing book one( pg 672 out of 702). I find the story was interesting, but was a bit hard to follow because the anther does not Que you in to all that happened. During the end it all came together; its still a series it’s not fully done yet though. No, it does not I have a book idea already. Escaping Houdini, it is described as a gory murder mystery following the events of the previous Stalking Jack the Ripper series.

My story

I made a story about  the relationship between the protagonist and the antagonist. They are two sisters who have a sibling rivalry also are polar opposites in personalty. Another major parts of this story is its setting; talking place in a future world where today technology has been majorly developed to witch air travel and transporter have more to recreational spots and normal life. Some old technology like magnetic rail trains that are the fasted at the time are considered outdated and slow. and these technology is now used in normal life for example hoverbordes and levitating shoes.The idea came to me when I was thinking about the setting, so I thought about lets say people can “fly” with machines. Next was how would this affect the story, I continued with this process until the setting was fully formed.


My next subject w s what is the problem and conflicts, wanting them to be reasonable and understandable. I chose the topic of sibling rivalry something that never changes much. Both of the sisters are opposite but they both are very prideful and don’t agree on mostly anything. They also refuse to work with each other when they are on there own most of the time. Through this story they grow to understand each other with in reason they still will not get along along terribly. The activitys helped me improve my idea from a simple idea to an actual story that is reasonable to wright. The stories conflicts became less shallow and more reasonable give them more depth. The way I thought people made story majorly changed from what was done in class. I thought they just wrought ,but there is much more to the story  then that. they put a lot of time hours and work in to the story, even the small aspects of the color of as shirt on a said day. Authors and story wrights put a lot of work in to there stories. they demand a lot of time and energy; this project should prove to be a challenge. Especially since i have no experience in wringing stories.

The Court of Wings and Ruin Independent reading.

I am currently reading A Court of Wings and Ruin the third book to The Court of Series. Currently my thoughts on the book is that the build up for the series as a whole is just starting to become clear. The characters are strong, and are not dumb witch makes the book less pounding wall because “I went in to the basement alone in a hunted house.” This makes the conflicts a little more complicated and interspersing then people just being painfully dense. Also much more realistic to how humans act compared to some other books of its genre. Not only is the story compelling but, you can relate to the characters they are very complicated and have complex personalty. Lucien is conflicted against helping Frey his friend against Tamlin oppressive relationship that is killing her, and his loyalty to Tamlin as his emissary. I do not like Lucien for siding with Tamlin. There is also a lot of terrible decisions made “for the greater good,” for example selling information to terrible people and causing a destructive war to get back someone who ran away from you.


On the subject of wars the series is coming to an exciting turning point where the courts will come to war with Hybrim a racist  fay superpower that kills humans for sport. I can not wait to see who wins the war. The favor is for Hybrim because they have a grand magical weapon of creation and destruction. Although the courts will probably win because they have the “main character complex”, otherwise known as plot armor. I feel they will also kill off a few characters some because they are Traders and spies, others because they are there for the point to make you mad at there deaths. The war is the main reason for me to think that they will die. Also there is foreshadowing leading me to think Raysand will die particularly, they have mentioned 5 times at lest since the mention of war in this book. This book has many twist and turns and I can not wait to see how it will become resolved.


“The Devil and Tom Walker” reaction

The Devil and Tom Walker shocked me at first with how the story portrayed the Devil. They make the devil seem like an Ok
guy compared to other characters in the story. The story as a whole I felt was a dry and overdone story line. Someone is poor makes a bad deal and suffer because they do not uphold said deal. I can not remember any stories like this,  but it is so common I may not notice the basic story idea. The main point of the story is over done as well but portrayed very well here. The author shows that the society is very hypocritical by making an example of the Puritans and Tom Walker in the story. Irving was making the point that even though you create the affect of looking  pure, perfect you still may be evil. Also a side point that slavery is a very bad thing to do; even tom walker will not do it and he as no good qualities.


I would make this story about someone who thought they where perfect for modern audiences. They would be a want to be genius that thinks they know all about the world, and they would wish for fame. Something people have made the mistake of commonly doing during this time. I would have it take place in a small town like Bloomsburg, and I would end it with them being infamous and in prison for life because they tried to back out of a deal with strange lawyer. Also using more common words to make it less confusing for people reading it now. These changes would make it more modern, understandable for people today.
Another way to change the story would be to make the protagonist a unhealthy person wanting to be a political figure and make them one that becomes just as corrupt as the others. This would take place in New York City during a congress election and he gets the spot with the help of a devil news reporter. When he gets the spot he disagrees with his deal he made and ends up in ruin and assassinated the devil sets him up on the news to look bad. This would over execrate to show how much power the news stations have.

My Outlook on Stories

Germany 1930’s Book Burning

Staring my official fist week of school was rough being that I was launched in to notes and discussion. The notes where very helpful and made me look a stories in a new light. It’s interesting to see them in such simple terms when other teachers would make it overly complicated. For example when we did the “story mountain” it is such a lazy way to try to make the idea exciting. Just call it what it is called so there is no confusion. The notes changed my perspective I use to look at two stories and never see the comparison, but now I can see similarity between them. Compared to the first week where I did nothing because of being on vacation it was hard to adjust to instant work and catching up.

The milieu I have never heard of it is extremely useful of a term and should be taught to younger students. It puts a complicated idea in to a simple term; try to explain the idea of sacrificing one for the group in two words in English you can not. the milieu is the whole concept of  “the specific feeling of of a specific  people at a certain time”. This applies to “the Book Thief” where if the story where not placed in Germany during the 1930’s it would not make any sense. It would not be the same story if it had a different milieu now that I look back at that story. Not only can the milieu play an important part in stories also it can be applied to real life. lets say you are reading a historical paper about ancient Egypt. You can not just look at it with my mindset of the twentieth century you need to think back to how someone would think about things in that time. You just used the milieu in that case as with a large amount of hysterical information  unknowingly. We also use it in our everyday life, you learn new information and use that information changes life ever so slightly. This is milieu because it affects a away a person thinks and how you feel at the time. A milieu is everywhere you just look and where to find it.

It is important to be an active reader while reading and observing a story. You will end up missing a major amount of information if you do not actively read. I most often don’t participate unless I have a good question or reason. In order to change you could listen and deeply think about whats going on. after thinking about it look over all that happen look for a theme and how it relates to the story and why? Usual all you need to do is pay attention and question in order to solve the story.


“My First Week of School”

My first week of school was spent in Europe; it was very fun and informative. I landed in Italy there and me and my family drove to Milan, toured the Italian alps and Venice. After spending 3 days in Italy, I was tired of the food and wanted to move on to Switzerland.  In Switzerland, we stayed in Zurich. It was amazingly clean in Zurich and I must admit that I did not miss getting up early and having to go to school. I was there during a heat wave, so obliviously it was extremely hot and uncomfortable.   We had a six hour time difference from home and although it felt like I was getting up very early, at one in the morning, I missed getting up at 6 am funny enough.

Zurich, Switzerland

When we moved on to Germany, I loved the food and the heat wave broke thankfully. I flew home on August 27th and we did not get home until ten thirty pm our time.  Even though I experienced jet lag, I went to school the next next day.  That was this week so I guess it does not matter.   Overall, my “First week of school” was very fun and exciting, but did not leave me with any  expectations for the school year.


This year will be tough for me because I chose to enroll in the stem program engineering track. I am excited for this school year; although it makes me sad it’s my Junior year, the challenge will be  welcome and fun. The good parts of it is as I stated before are the academic challenges stem will bring me; the work in my previous years I found boring and too simple. The bad part of this is the question of how will I be able to manage two collage classes and high school? I think I will enjoy this school year because I always look to challenge myself and can’t wait for the experiences. I am even excited about my high school classes. I am taking python programming up at the collage, and the class is very interesting. I have never learned any programming language before so it is a very new experience for me. Let’s hope this class goes as well as I expect the rest of my classes to go.