Satire is waved in to our life weather we like it or not. Most people who don’t know what what it is still understand it and¬† find it humerus. An example would be during Christmas people give gifts, many of theses gifts are are very bad. Saturday night live(SNL) lives off of this. SNL did a skit about this where coworkers do a secret Santa¬† and it played off of common and tropes about it. One being the really dumb gift giver of when you said you liked something and a person gives you it. People also giving really bad and you cant say you don’t like it, but you don’t want to be rude that person could be your boss. The characters are also resemblance of people, the really dumb coworker, pushy boss. Witch gives light to a not very important issue but one you will encounter if you go to work in an office.

Satire also exist in shows Simpsons love to do this. many of the episodes make fun of Aquitaine school tactics. Lisa is very smart the school is unable to provide a place where she can learn. Standardized test as well, they say straight out they will force you to memorize the answers to questions so that they can get more government funds. This is what happens and is an poor tactic it triads Money form them for the over all helpfulness of what students learn. Like who learn about how to calculate your mortgage when you could learn how most questions on the math section tend to be letter B. Also other methods like what is the length of the side of a triangle on a graph plane compared to how to wright a formal unbiased report, lab report, news paper article. This issue does not get much light, but people should be taught useful information for the job they want to peruse. Another episode is about The personalty test saying what you should become. I got Court Marshal, and model witch just for an image I am short and have no muscle so guess what not happening. When I would have a much better carer in mathematics and science, and have the opportunity to. Lisa get house wife showing the bias of the testing as well. Giving Bart police officer slipping in how police do not tend to follow the laws they are suppose to enforce. One taken here is if you said you like driving you got truck driver as one of your top ones. These are biased off of what you like as well not what you have the mental ability and skill set to learn or do. Testing and personalty text are very strange and have very little use in today’s world, put things like a mortgage, taxes, Job skills on top and maybe it will be helpful. The symptoms reveals this flaw in the system and is very smart in how its hidden satire hides very terrible but useful stuff to know.

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