“Exciting” Classic Lit.


I majorly missed the point of “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaverous County” and the humor. The writing was brilliant string the readers to believe what the anther wanted. The point being made well very well hidden only for people who truly can analyze works of literature can see it. It could be compared to a 1000 piece puzzle with about all the same color pieces. IT refers to how you should not judge someone by the looks. A very noble cause to support and a valuable lessons in any time. Many time people don’t care to look past the cover of the book or article. A under note is how people whom consider them self’s high and mighty are trapped by there society witch is not very prevalent now. Although it did affect its time period. Witch is importation when looking at a story. Over all I found the story amusing not for the insult, but for the story of smiley and how fake it was. That is all I could see, noting more satire is very hard to find.

Huck Fin confuses me, I have listened to it on an audio-book before, but remember very little of it. I feel that i will majorly miss the point as I always do. My life moto right idea ignore the small facts, and fail. I don’t expect to do any better on this analysis then other it will be bad that I can promise.  Otherwise then being bad at analysis i would expect a large amount of satire and references with very hard accents to read. Maybe some small jokes along the way, but I am dreading this assignment. Story are great ways to tell stuff to people secretly, but most people don’t understand what it refers to. Witch can make a book go down from a legend to boring very quickly. Some people just like things to be straightforward. If you can see the deeper meaning of the books many books become great but if you can not see deep in to the meaning, like me it is not enjoyable.

iMom has a deeper meaning about how technology is taking over everything. I find it kind of disturbing parents would trust an Ai to raise there kid. What the parents do when not with there children is terrible partying. The commentary reminds me of advertisements. Where they show you a product that does not work or is not what they say, and you end up wasting your money. The parents as well, they all are flawed and imperfect witch is natural, But to an extreme. Although I see the Ai as more of a nanny, then a mother. The AI is only as perfect as humans are, and as we know humans are not perfect. Also it lacks rationality that people have. In the end where iMom swaps places of the baby and the chicken punting them in the oven is very eerie and probably could happen if an error happened in the Ais system.

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