Verti-go away.

When a teacher tells you you are going to watch a movie in class you get excited.. right?  Well I did not movies are fun in all but there has to be a reason, and for this movie vertigo it is a film critique, no this is a review. It sure is an evil one a film critique ever heard of it? My in initial reaction to vertigo was this movie is going to be noting much, but much to what was said bout it after watching it it was a great movie. It may have not been what I my self prefer; it still was entertaining. I enjoyed the concept as a whole, but I don’t like the characters that much. Scoty sounded dumb to me I think it was the way he would talked and acted. His voice sounded like a dumb protagonist its very goofy; I feel that scoot would be better seen as very sharp and precise because of his job. Also the feminine lead was very ugly in my eyes she had too gaudy amounts of makeup. This is only a matter of opinion to an outdated movie. The events I enjoyed especially the end, but it left me a little shell shocked. I wanted something different to happen its not fulfilling of an ending. The ending denied me detachment from the movie and excellent selling point because of people talking. Many movies do this to sell, but I feel Hitchcock did this for more reasons to add to the genera.

If I where to adapt this to a more modern version the plot is relatively good and the concept is great. The charters and fashion could be updated that’s a given. I feel that the beginning is a slow burner and would not go well for modern audiences. I say  i would be invalidated by the relevance of cameras in today’s age, so it would a time piece more of a remake. If I would have to say it does not need changed its a brilliant movie just needs better graphics and a quicker build up to apply to modern audiences; Most of my complaints are just personal opinions.