More late blogs “fun”!

Second verse same as the first! Whats exciting about late blogs! Noting just annoying grading especially when two blogs are put out  late the very same day! Today is going to be about the exciting topic of Civil Disobedience a compelling story about disobedient  delinquent from New York wondrous adventuress in crime found in there journal. The story include bank heist, diamond theft, how the govermnt should be run.. , self help for people…?

On a more serous note Civil Dissonance is much less fun to read and is about the fun topic of  transcendentalism, geese the word is losing meaning to me not that it had much to begin with. One of the topics it covers is about the role the government serves asking the age old question of BIG or small government?  for witch the write of the document says confusingly “that government is best which governs least?” the roll of the govermnt according to the unclear words of this document is an “expedient“, but fails at being this and most of the time is an “in-expedient”.One may wonder what this means, so when googled it means ” convenient and practical although possibly improper or immoral,”  witch I have to agree sometimes, but that means most govermnt are not that witch is hard to see. another fun part of this is another fun quote “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it. . .” to witch i say ummm…? to answer simply I respect a government that is fair to those who work gives everyone a chance who plays by the rules. An example of this every child starts in the same equal place then depending on there own inspiration they can rise to the top. Not a better chance for the rick’s children to go places compared to someone who is poor. The essay was read by famous people and helped inspire them towards equality a transcendentalist idea.  Today I feel we unknowingly follow its  guidance For example if he do not like someone we do not brawl in the street we talk it out. The idea existed for so long they have become engraved in many things.


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