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Some may wonder why I do not do assignments on time, but that is a question for another blog today we are talking about the fun, exciting transcendentalism. I can already here your cheers (cricket noise affect) , and to be more exact comparing people because we all know how fun  that is. lets see… read text 1 confused, read text 2 confused..  conclusion both text are confusing. That would be to easy any ways!

Transcendentalism is a  wide topic with many articles, the 2 in particular we are handling is the Walden, Thoreau and two of Emerson’s many works. The main idea in the Walden’s first portion is about how Thoreau recessives land wealth. the conclusion is about expanding and how to become spiritually enlightened. Both of the works are biased around the transcendentalism so they have an immediate relation. Also both articles touch on the idea that a man is more at home alone in nature. This is proven from the fact that Emerson imply this, but Thoreau’s exploring of farms in his head tends to go for more secluded farms more positively. This shows that he innately and natural wants to be in nature alone witch Emerson says.

In the woods experiment I would enjoy it at first but then would give up. I would end up missing intent and modern advancements. If I stayed out there long enough I would probably fall in to a normal schedule of gathering supply and watching nature making crafts. A lot of modern things can be easy adapted to do stuff without them.

Some of the points in transcendentalism compared to today modern age  be made null biased on your belief, but most lessons have some truth behind them. An example of a point made null due to modern beliefs are people whom believe in no god, atheist, a major point in transcendentalism is the divine being whom everything is made out of well… evolution theory. The topic of science as a whole seems to affect that as well. The lessons tho are usable, when in nature I do feel reveled and free, but I am declined to believe people are natural good.

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