Arguing is a slippery slope if done well it makes for a hard case to win but without the right tool set it fails majorly. Arguments are unavoidable so how do you deal with them? I for one use to use my favorite tacit say valid points until the person whom your opposed to listens and you win. Although they usual bat me down for the basic reason of “Your just a dumb teen, I’m an adult in better then you.” Witch is a invalid argument just because you are older then someone does not mean you are smarter and or better then them give me a real reason. Now I know more tactics such as using stats from reputable sources to make an irrefutable class. Also how you can call someone out on the “I’m better then you” questing then on why should I trust there word on said issue asking for valid points. Mixing points also works if you mix logical, emotional, and ethical appeal its very difficult to rebuttal an argument. Also red herrings are very helpful in debate, want to distract from a weak point slyly add one then boom they forget what your talking about. 

Serous debates are another issue; they are very different from a simple household dispute. Debates take hours of research and organizing the information you get. Then you have to research your counter argument so your ready with rebuttal with what the opponent said. Then there comes the debate day witch you have to multi-task including: looking for holes in the apposing argument, recalling your rebuttal, remembering all your points, coming up with a closing statement and rebuttal, etc… . Doing all that at once is very overwhelming and take practice and effort. there are also more advanced tactics speaking extremely quickly to cause confusion. Debating is used in many circumstances as well if you become a layer your job is to argue literally. The art of argument is helpful to know and will aid you in your day to day life. You can not escape, but you can cause it with the simplest actions.

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