The Virtues

It is hard to be perfect, actually impossible if you think about humans. When I attempted to do my 15 virtues it was a very bad result. I failed at most of the virtues, and was terrible with order and industry in particular; my best virtue was temperance. Over all I did not change much. Temperance is normal anyways no need to flip out over small stuff. Never was very organised much, I think its very apparent how bad I am at industry looking at how late this is. Ways I could fix this is not allow my self to relax until all the work is done; contrary to my typical “I will do it later” mentality. for order i could just take an extra step and put the items, and thought in a logical place instead of the warp version of placement from me that changes each day. Justice I failed each day. With justice it is tough how are you suppose to be fair if you do not know what is fair in others minds. It is a subjective thought  and very hard to you guessed it, judge! Also it is hard to tell sometimes because you may think your being fair when you are letting you mind get clouded with emotions. Also a good point added by Franklin in there autobiography. Touching on how if you where to achieve these virtues no one would like you because you changed so much. Witch is important to recognize who wants to hang around someone who thinks there perfect? No one, well if you where perfect people would like you less then a narcissist. Who wants be friends with a know it all?

Humans are by nature flawed, but we survive sometimes through going against Virtues. Adding to this struggle is the bad potato concept, A good thing gets ruined with one rotten potato. Referring to one rotten potato rotting the rest of the potatoes in a container, for those who never experienced this. This is like the world  but the rotten potato is someone who makes it through non-virtuous ways, forcing others in order to compete have to use  those means to survive as well. Also happens in elementary schools say there is a bad bratty kid. They punish the whole class witch discourages being the better man, but encourages for people to be hateful of those people. This is caused by unjust leadership unable to see that it rewards the bad people, but it also prevents good people from growing. Over all virtues are a touch game to play and are rather hard to achieve, as you see with the bad potato.

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