A fire’s gift and my perspective on poetry

The more you look at poems the more you see them in the world around you. When I stared to learn about different poetry then Edgar Allen Poe,  and Shakespeare. Poetry became much less confusing and more enjoyable. Instead of looking at poems like what does this old English mean; I see this makes sense in modern English. The  more complicated poems with a lot of symbolism and allusion typically go over my head, but that does not change the fact they make slight more sense now. When I wrote my two poems I tackled them with a basic outline. The second poem was adapted to fit the extra stanza all really remember from it is the stupid amount of time spent finding on words. My poem is about losing a toxic item to you like a drug or addiction; it is heavily based around the theme of fire and what it symbolizes rebirth. This is obviously after heavily revising from pear review results. A benefit or a curse is when looking at songs now I think about them as a poem and try to analyze it. Asking questions like “Does it have end rhyme?”, “Is this a free verse?”, “how many syllables are in each line?”, and etc.

For my second poem it would help a to have pictures to go with it. It relies on the reader to imagine whats going on and then assessing it. The pictures would provide aid in that area. A well suited theme would be in black and white with color only on specif objects. For example in the first line of the poem I would have a fire burning new purses and jewels. Then lead on to a red ribbon in that fire. The rest of the vises will continue with this trend and color scheme in the third line of the third stanza it would show the wold in color and the ribbon and purses in black and white. The colors would play a major rule in the understanding to highlight the change of presentations, and help people break down the theme and tone shift in the poem.



Poetry is something you either love or hate,but I my self  dislike it because of how you have to examine it instead of reading a story. To begin the terminology is maddening stuff like trochaic and iambic then the meter; it is excessive and confusing. Trying to find these rhyme and theme sucks almost as much as to write with them. My experience in class reading poems is me just trying to find literary devices in them that I fail at majorly. This leads to me being unable to see rhyme, and rhythm witch leads to more anger and frustration. In Eldorado by Edgar Allen Poe I was clueless it was a balled. I seen it for face value a guy going after a imaginary city of greed.

For my poem witch is very late, but I put a lot of effort in to rhyme, rhythm and meter. I am trying to convey a theme of people can be blind. In it I write a bout a ribbon a self made symbol of the thing you hold on to. Also use to symbol of fire it symbolizes destruction and rebirth. The meter is trochaic  and pentameter with the starting syllables of a stanza being a Spondaic not trochaic syllable using the repeated phrase of “Fire, Pyre”. Also I switch to iambic pentameter on the last of the four stanzas to emphasize a point made in the poem a positive turn. I chose trochaic for the start to make it seem unsettling ,sad, and scary to the reader. I went with an A B C D rhyme scheme for the versus and mix it up at the end with an A B A B and C E C E in the last 2 stanzas to show the turn in mood. Over all it was a painful processes of looking for the correct words, and how to keep the rhyme scheme. I have no clue how I am going to add another stanza to this poem for the next part but I will find some way to add to it. Probably the same painful process of living in a thesaurus.

Independent reading-Escaping from Houdini

For the second book of the first making period independent reading I chose Escaping from Houdini. I expected for the book to be a thrilling murder mystery with a little gore. The book is part of a series and just came out as the final book so far, and the other books kept that trend.

I love the new characters in it and the stellar setting especially.

The  expectations were met in many ways with some exciting and maybe some dull changes. To begin with it was a murder mystery but much less gory than the past books, and lacked the interesting maybe a little inaccurate dissection of bodies. The book also lead to the main character playing less a major roll then the other books. I love this series, but I would have to say I did not like her much in this book. Holding true to the series it did not give away the killer very easily making me not solve it before the end, still. Expectations posses human error so I did not expect to be fully right.

The characters are very interesting to see and realistic for the time this story takes place in. Audrey is a contradicting example for the trends  of that era, she is a woman in the 1800’s that just wants to break the status quo of being weak and just a bird in a pretty little cage, but she gets majorly  judged for it. In this book she takes on a more

Of  a meek personality, as I mentioned before, and acts like a proper lady. Complimenting this Thomas is common for the time, they are very gentlemanly and courteous. Then we have the glorious Metropolises, the trope leader is a genius with great ideas and uses them is bring and fun ways. I find them to be intriguing because they seem to let the world seem like magic to people of that time who did not know how there machines worked. Also they give off a mysterious aura when they don’t allow the reader to know about their real name until near the end. Next, side characters are rich with story even if they are to be a corps in this gory story they are given thought to “how would this person act if.. ?” and many other questions making the book more life like, with the small details. Small and large details are what make a book a book so if i had to say this author did a good job at it as well.

The setting, and location appealed to me the most. Imagine you are on a estrangement luxurious ship, and then add entertainment to that already exciting instances.  The entertainment being a circus troupe at first glance it seems fun and exciting, but the more you think about it most tropes are made of sketchy individuals, keeping you on edge. This enhances the mysterious, and magical feel of the book lending itself to the setting. What i love about this is that they make the murders in the book even  more unsettling lending itself to the excitement of reading it. Over all very well played with where this takes place, and a fun read.

I would recommend this or someone to read unless i know they do not like gore. This book could act as a stand alone read like both the books of the series prior. I would say the target audience would be people who are into murder mysteries, or are in the mood for a realistic fiction book. If you are not part of this, I even would still recommend to read the series.