Independent Reading- a Court of Wings and Ruin

This first marking period the first book I read was a court of wings and ruin, and this had many thought provoking themes and interesting characters. The story continues from a series, consisting of 2 previous books where the main character has reached the peak of their character arc; the series has one book after this called, court of frost and starlight (3.1).

The many themes of the court of series for a court of wings and ruin is “Nothing comes for free”. This is proven through the constant sacrifices the charters have to make to win the war. For one example Fayre has to make a deal with a monster that everyone is afraid of; She comes over her fear to make this deal and help win the war overall. I like this theme because it shows that everything you do little as it may be has a price, an example with me is I have to sacrifice my time to write this blog. Each and every day we do this, some people try to deny it that is why I like this book it opens your eyes.  

Most of the characters make an impact in the book be it good or bad. One Nesta I can relate to she is cold and calculated; a trait not often seen in female characters of some works, that I appreciate. Another great character design is Ianthe; her personality is awful manipulative and she side with the terrible king of Hybern. She calls herself a priest but she is such a hypocrite; she is too self obsessed to be seen as a holy person acting like a queen. A true priest is not a person who betrays there people but one that leads by example. Adding to the list of undesirable personality traits she is extremely petty and does not allow for people to be better than her. I was very happy to know she died during this book. To end the characters on a good note, we have Fayre, the main characters  she goes through major character growth over the entire series growing from a meek human to a powerful high fay that takes no nonsense. Her growth is more subtle in the personally however, making a her a pleasant character to observe.

The overarching story of the series comes to a neat little tie here with some frayed edges. the  growing conflict of the high fae killing humans and humans dying off quickly caused a awful feud to form. This reminds me of the conflict between different races and their conflicts today, The conflicts are all based on past history not that they kill but they blame for no reason but “they were black”, and “they were white” as reasons to shoot them, or do a crime. If people truly wish to coexist then they will have to set aside there bias against either. Something the book touches on, how age old feuds between the humans and fae take time to fix and heal; we can take this message and use it in real life.

In the end i enjoyed this book, I would recommend it to someone in to the fantasy genre. Although you need to read the previous books, so I would say only read if you have time. Some people who would not like it may be ones in to high fantasy being that it can be a bit fluffy compared to other works there, for example lord of the rings. All jokes aside I hope that you where convinced to give this book a small look at least.

Independent Reading and Shot Stories


Over the past week I have been working on my short story. The concepts have majorly changed from  petty issues between sisters and poorly written conflicts lacking detail; to a story that actually does not make your eyes bleed and makes some sense be it little. The time I took for it caused the setting to become much more prevalent in the story, being mentioned to and small hints. Also, details like how the sisters where related where added so that your not like “how do these people know each other?”, but you know they are step sisters. The addition of a few plot points smoothed out some confusion as to whats the point of this story. I personal like my story a lot more now then just a lazily written bare bone requirement there was for the rough draft. I like how the setting matters but does not matter, and how I thew some little sneaky comments about some modern things today that don’t make sense to me. How about that old iPhone that businessmen extorted, and how the news if full of people just trying to get you riled up over small issues a true small town concern. I feel that I could do so much more with it still feels a little mundane and boring and also I can’t come up with a clever title.

I am close to finishing book one( pg 672 out of 702). I find the story was interesting, but was a bit hard to follow because the anther does not Que you in to all that happened. During the end it all came together; its still a series it’s not fully done yet though. No, it does not I have a book idea already. Escaping Houdini, it is described as a gory murder mystery following the events of the previous Stalking Jack the Ripper series.