Citizen Kane

Before this film was introduced in class I had heard of it before. Although I was unsure what is about, I knew it was somewhat famous. When I saw it was an older movie I was actually kind of excited, There’s something relaxing to me about watching the familiar plots of older movies. This of course was not what I would consider typical.  One aspect that particularly stuck out to me was the filmography. Many times I noticed the details in the way the scenes were filmed. The unique perspective adds drama to the plot.  The idea pushing the story line forward is the quest to understand Mr. Kane’s dying word’s rose bud. Much of the movie consisted of conversation among friend’s of the deceased man. Kane’s life was introduced to the audience through a news reel announcing his death a unique way of displaying an expedition. From the new’s reel I understood that he was a public figure of power. I also began to see how the movie was ironic at times to comment on the nature of the theme. The men said this news flash needed something more , that the public already knew so much about him that they needed to tell them something they didn’t now. This tells us  lot about the type of man he was illustrating how this can be both empowering and threatening. Many of the people the reporter talks to knows nothing of the words, and very little about who he really was. We meet ex wives, friends and employees many of who don’t know much. What these characters do support is the understanding of Kane for the audience. As we meet the new people we begin to put things together. One character that especially stuck out to me was his second wife. Her story with him gave me a lot of insight into what he was like. She explains how he practically forced her into preforming and never gave her anything real, something he couldn’t buy her. At one point dramatic irony is used when we realize he even writes and publishes bad reviews about her in his newspaper. This clarifies some of his mal intent. Towards the end of the film we see how much stuff he has collected over his lifetime. While watching we are aware he enjoys collecting but seeing it all together illustrates a point. This point being that he was searching for something hoping to fill a void by amounting belongings. One man the reporter talks to says he has heard him say the words rode bud before and he thinks it may represent something he never could get. This assumption turns out to correct. Rose Bud represents a sled in which he has a found memory about relating to his childhood. In the end of the movie we see the sled being burned. I think this makes the viewer feel the urgency Kane possessed to find this love. Watching it burn reminds us it can all be gone in a second. This all ties into the commentary about the wealthy. Often times we see money as capable of fixing problems, a fallacy that is exemplified in this film.


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