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When I started reading the short story in class I was interested but it lost me quickly. I didn’t enjoy hearing the ramblings of Simon. Once I got over myself, I actually appreciated the message. From the beginning of my reading there was something that made me want to punch the narrator in the face, later I identified this as snobbery. I think the message can resonate with everyone because everyone has either judged or been judged.  Almost everyone has judged something or someone too quickly (Some will deny it). Its human nature we have an innate need to view ourselves as above average, so often times we will mistaken our good qualities for the best qualities to posses. If we are artistic we can’t understand how others aren’t creative. If were athletic we wonder how people are so uncoordinated, and if we are educated we wonder why others seem so unintelligent. This story helped me reevaluate the way I view others. I should never underestimate people because this can be used against me. I expect Huckleberry Finn to be just as well put. I hope that the message Twain is trying to convey is very clear, (I have a feeling it will be or I don’t think we’d be reading it in English). Maybe clear is not the right word. I don’t want it to be obviously stated, whats the fun in that. Satire is great because it is said through comparison, what makes a good satire is not how obvious it is but instead how well put it is once you figure it out. I think imom’s message was good in the sense that what we create as a society reflects on to us. kinda like the whole art imitates life, life imitates art deal. I really believe in that message but I do think there is some over emphasis in our world warning against technology. Maybe it’s because we are naturally afraid of change, but I think we often times ignore the other “fruits of our tree” technology is one of the newer things we developed but its not the only thing. What about our music as a reflection of society…or our way of eating and living. There’s much more to our culture, though not as novel, just as telling.


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I’ve seen a fair amount of satire humor. My family loves to watch SNL skits, so I’ve been exposed to satire humor since I was younger. All though political Satires are entertaining my favorite skits are ones that are timeless. Specific speeches or events from long ago can not be appreciated by the next generation the same way they were when the skit was written. There is no way for me to understand a joke about a speech given by George Bush if I wasn’t alive. I find commentary on the society more telling because these jokes can be understood for years to come. Don’t get me wrong I picked a political satire for my video because it was one I remember especially enjoying with my mom. This example is only really funny if you watched some of the Kavanuagh hearing, highlighting what I said earlier. The other problem with political humor is it can often strike a chord with those who align with the people being made fun of. Sometimes that’s the point, but often times it leaves people with nothing but bad things to say. The other type of satire I’m familiar with is more serious. Books like animal farm aren’t meant to be funny in a obvious way, maybe tongue in check, but not laugh out loud hilarious. This type of Satire makes more of a statement through comparison. Once you see the similarities between the story and real life the flaws are clearly highlighted and there is no turning back. That, I believe, is the power of satire. By having the realization that one mirrors thee other you have to acknowledge the similarities. These books carry a lot of power. We read animal farm in eighth grade, and the book still resonated with us.  I looked up Mark Twain, and found out he was an entrepreneur. I’m curious to find out what he did and more about his life works. I’m also interested to see how he comments on the south. Not many people were probably brave enough to challenge a once highly esteemed institution of segregation, so I wonder how he will do this.


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