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I’ve always struggled with the argument about government. It’s such a hard balance and I think there are problems which each type. In theory I would say that I am a supporter of a smaller government. The people who govern are no more inept at making some of the decisions as a citizen, but we need people to lead to a certain extent. I think if there weren’t certain positions that could make sense out of the many options it would be chaos. So all in all, I just don’t know. Not even a little. I go back and forth in this discussion all the time. I do think it is a government’s job to help people in the face of poverty. but I don’t think they should get to involved in business. What I mean by that is government run facilities like schools and prisons should not be privatized. But I’m never decisive over topics like these. I suppose a government is only as good as it’s leader. So, I would say that the best government would be run by someone I respect, and in turn I will respect the government. I feel like the people who lead us are the face of the government and have a lot to do with how most people view it. Really the system of government is just a tool for the leader to use. There are so many different avenues you could go down all while existing in the same form of  government. Civil disobedience is very effective in stating a purpose. Especially if that purpose has to do with the very laws or rules you are breaking. Today it is one of the most common forms of protest. Look at all the attention brought to the protests involving the national anthem. They disobeyed a sort of unspoken rule in our society that caused uproar across the nation bringing the most possible attention to the cause. Even our country was built on civil disobedience, our country exists today because leaders forced change. This idea continues today in many forms of protest. This protest garners a lot of attention and discussion.

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