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The topic I got for debate was pro animal testing. Just as I said I would hate to debate animal testing I picked it. I’ve always been torn about animal testing its one of those things I find myself going back and forth. I’m okay? I  guess, with arguing the pro side because I think it is much more logical than the con side. It’s more likely they’ll use emotion as the basis for their argument and I feel like I can counter that with facts. I’m not really passionate about this topic at all. I really could not care less, maybe that is good though because the I wont be too wrapped up in the emotions of it. Every other topic I already have a major position on; I know the facts I feel very sure of myself…but with this I feel no emotion on the topic. This is the least controversial topic in the bunch with can be somewhat frustrating because I feel that no one really cares. Its not really a pressing issue and I feel like this argument has been going on forever. It’s not something that if handled correctly is going to change the world for the better. Everything about animal testing could change and I don’t think most people would know the difference. Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’ll do research and I’ll uncover something abut animal testing. Honestly, I hope I’m wrong I hope I can feel a sense of wrong and right about the topic but the way it’s headed I’m not s sure. I plan to argue it by saying that It’s better that we find out the harm before it goes put to people and that It’s the FDA’s job to make sure nothing is sold that could greatly harm us and they can only guarantee that through testing. The ethical side is very heavy on this topic the idea that we are putting humans comfort above animals basic rights is a big question. They will say that we are touring animals and that there are so many better options. Hopefully I can find enough numbers to negate that but I’m not so sure.


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I think a debate about “the wall” would be interesting because it’s something everybody is familiar with.  Almost everybody has an opinion on it and there are two distinctive sides. Wall or no wall. One argument for the wall is that it would prevent people from crossing the border, both illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. The argument is that there is not enough security at the border and a wall would be a sure fire way to keep things out. The argument against it is that the physical block of  a wall will do very little to actually stop people from finding a way to america. I agree with the later. I am curious, has a wall of any sort ever actually worked? Ask the Moguls. Americans buy most of the drugs in the world, and drugs are a multi million business; so drug lords will definitely find a way in. On a different note, its 2019 and I don’t know how to feel. I’m not realty into the idea of new year, I think resolutions are stupid. If you want to change yourself start a new day not a new year. Also this marks my half way year point. I feel like this year is going slow but I’m just trying to get by. It’s like when your running but your zoning out so you don’t have to actually focus on what your doing. I guess my year has gone pretty well, nothing bad has happened but I have a feeling things are about to get real. I have to throw the prom and my class has hardly any money at all. This is not gonna be good. On the bright side I’m not planning on doing track this year so that will relieve a lot of stress. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and I’m hoping that will get me to 2020. I don’t want to rush 2019 too much though because the year 2020 really freaks me out. Maybe its the double numbers or the fact that I graduate but 2020 feels like a year that should never come. Lets just hope I can get there in 1 piece.

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